5 Good Reasons to see Woah, Alyssa! 2

1. We’re two lovely boyfriends who do very funny sketch comedy. If you don’t know what sketch comedy is, it’s like a bunch of little gay plays. So if you love comedy but have a short attention span you will love this show!

2. This show is the sequel to our first sketch show, Woah, Alyssa! 1, which ended on a legendary cliffhanger. Come find out who survived the mysterious plane crash!

3. For real tho, this is our second fantastic show at MICF, so you could say this is your chance to see living legends.

4. We know this sounds bold, but our tagline, “queer comedy for normies”, pretty much sums it up; we put on a show that’s very gay and weird but also funny enough that we’re pretty sure your straight grandma can come and have a good time. (If your grandma’s even STRAIGHT)

5. It’s conveniently located at Crowded in the Vaults: Pilgrim Bar at the perfect time of 9.10pm from the wonderful dates of the 26th of March to the 7th of April!

Colwyn & Fil perform Woah, Alyssa! 2 at Crowded in the Vaults: Pilgrim Bar


5 Good Reasons To See Michael Shafar 50/50

  1. Michael Shafar is a comedian and joke writer for The Project on Channel 10. Australia’s best and only TV show.


  1. He just performed his new show 50/50 for the first time at Perth’s Fringe World and sold out every show and got a sweet ★★★★1/2 review.


  1. The show is about getting testicular cancer a bit over a year ago. Don’t worry, he’s fine. This isn’t like his Make A Wish or anything.


  1. Seriously, the show is very funny. It’s not a Ted Talk.


  1. It’s on 28 March – 21 April at Victoria Hotel. $2 from every ticket sold in Melbourne is being donated to Cabrini Hospital where Michael underwent all of his treatment and surgeries. Keep the receipt and claim it as a tax deduction.

Michael Shafar performs 50/50 at The Victoria Hotel


5 Good Reasons to See The Birdmann and Egg – A Late Night Birdhouse

1. We’ve seen it. And it’s pretty good!

2. We’ve been nominated for Malcolm Hardee Awards’ ‘Most Original Comedy’ at the Edinburgh Fringe, Just For Laughs’ ‘Best Comedy’ at the Montreal Fringe and winners of ‘Best Circus’ at the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

3. It’s an actual show, not just “talking,” with cool stuff to original music like climbing inside a 6-foot balloon, origami extravaganzas and a mysterious sword box illusion in an hour of pure comedy weirdness that makes for the perfect late night show!

4. There is a multi-instrumentalist Egg from Japan.

5. It will make you feel like this, “FANTASTIC!  I felt so liberated and in love with my life. Like I could be fantastic too!” -The Plank

The Birdmann and Egg – A Late Night Birdhouse performs 4 – 7 Apr (4 nights only) at Melba Spiegeltent – That’s the one in Johnston St Fitzroy


5 Good Reasons To See Blake Everett Greatest Hit(s)

1. It’s a ‘Greatest Hit(s)’ show!

2. But, don’t confuse that with an actual greatest hits show, where an artist performs the best of their repertoire. This is not that, this is a brand-new show, and whilst I’m not denying that some of the bits could inevitably end up on my greatest hits album, they are currently not (as it does not exist).

3. In 2016 I was ‘king hit’ out the front of a Frankston cinema. “Oh, the title is beginning to make more and more sense now”, you say. And you’d be right to say that. “But, that doesn’t seem funny”, and once again, you’d be correct. It’s called pathos. It’s the crux of the show.

4. I respect the craft. If you respect comedians who respect the craft then you’ll definitely respect me.

5. I perform a unique blend of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy. It’s fast-paced and ever-changing, so if you’re not sure what your favourite form of comedy is, or you find yourself getting bored by an hour of talking, this show could be your true calling *ring ring* get your tickets, please.

Blake Everett performs Greatest Hit(s) at Tasma Terrace March 26-31 


5 Good Reasons to see A Very Merry Blimpmas

1) It’s an all-out Christmas SPECTACULAR! That’s right! We’re doing a full-blown Carols By Candlelight in March/April, so you can expect plenty of lively songs, expert choreography and a whole lot of tinsel. Why? Because there’s no better time than Easter to make you realise how much you miss Christmas.

2) We’re award-nominated! Our last show I’m Here was nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe in 2017, alongside great company such as The Travelling Sisters, Rama Nicholas, Josh Glanc and PO PO MO CO. This show isn’t nominated for anything because it’s a debut but we CAN promise you that we’ve worked really hard and we haven’t let the fame go to our heads.

3) David Campbell and Sonia Kruger will NOT be there.

4) We’re on at Trades Hall which is such a nice venue! It has it’s own bar and lounge, and there’s a heap of other great shows on, and you can even buy a Trades Hall 3 Show Pass which gets you into three shows for cheap! We love trading things, and we love big halls, so it’s a match made in heaven.

5) You like gingerbread? We got plenty of gingerbread. Lots of gingerbread.

Hit By A Blimp (Tiana Hogben, Caitlyn Staples and Jayden Masciulli) performs A Very Merry Blimpmas at Trades Hall – 28 Mar-7 Apr



5 Good Reasons to see Game Boys Cinematic Universe

1.    With a unique blend of fast paced comedy and high-tech audio-visual design, a Game Boys show is unlike anything you’ll see at the festival.

2.    They were nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe last year. So you know the Fringe Festival thinks they’re creative, original, unique and the perfect amount of weird still palatable by the mainstream.

3.    They were nominated for the Golden Gibbo in 2017. So you know the Comedy Festival thinks they’re creative, original, unique and financially unsustainable.

4.    Jurassic Park is the greatest film of all time. Fact.

5.    Above all, everyone leaves a Game Boys show with a big smile on their faces. Everyone gets swept up in the brother’s infectious personalities and sharp writing plus they’ve spared no expense.

Game Boys Cinematic Universe is on at ACMI Mar 28 – Apr 7