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5 good reasons to see Perri Cassie: Channel Perri

Cassie Perri
1. Perri had a completely sold out run at last year’s festival with his split show Simon & Perri Go Large – now he’s in a much bigger venue and panicking that his career peaked. HELP. 2. Channel Perri is a reflection of how he sees the world he’s...

5 good reasons to see Michael Workman: Nothing You Do Means Anything

Michael Workman 17
1. You have recently had a psychotic break, and you’re looking for a crowded place to ‘cleanse’ society of ‘thought stealers.’ 2. You mistakenly thought this was the line for Stephen K Amos. 3. You couldn’t get in to Kitson. 4. You are currently a ghost haunting the theatre...

5 Good Reasons to See Aaron Chen The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby

Aaron Chenny Baby
1) I’m stupid 2) I’m an idiot 3) I’m dumb 4) I’m worthless 5) But I’m still better than Tom Walker (2016 MICF Best Newcomer) Aaron Chen The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby is on at The Victoria Hotel https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2017/shows/aaron-chen-the-infinite-faces-of-chenny-baby  

5 Good reasons to see Gillian Cosgriff 8 Songs in 8 Weeks

gillian cosgriff 8 songs
1. It has a story about an abandoned Russian cruise ship in it. You won’t BELIEVE what happens next. 2. It’s music AND comedy. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one? BARGAIN. 3. There is a whole song about alternate greeting card slogans. This will be great for your future festive...

5 good reasons to see Matt Harvey: The face of gentrification & other ideas

Matt Harvey Gentrification
1. You like smart comedy that will make you laugh and maybe even pause to appreciate an idea. Matt Harvey was described by comedian Frank Hamster as a “philosophical comedian” while he doesn’t necessarily know if that’s true he likes it a lot. 2. You are a good person...

5 Good Reasons to see Blake Everett – King of Nothing

Blake Everett
1. Don’t. 2. I’m real good at humour. The above reason was an example of said humour. If you come to the show you will see more of that, and it will most likely be of a higher quality. 3. It’s a one-man variety hour (50 minutes). The show...

5 Good Reasons to See George Dimarelos Self-Sabotage

George Dimarelos Self-Sabotage
1. You’re the kind of person that is easily swayed by lists containing exactly five numbered points. 2. You met a man who offered you 5 magic beans if you give him your last cow but only if you go and watch Self-Sabotage first. You readily accepted as he...


stuart goldsmith
1. “A charming, expert stand-up” (Sunday Times, UK) – If he’s an expert why haven’t I heard of him, eh?  Sounds like the sort of flimflam people come up with when they’re from overseas and just expect us to believe! 2.  “Consistently, dependably and utterly funny” (ThreeWeeks) – Too...

5 Good Reasons to See Christian Lutz Living the Dream

Christian Lutz
1. It will make you laugh… a lot… and even snort, and maybe a little wee. 2. I won’t be personally serving you food, but you’ll swear you are at a BBQ, and listening to that one friend (that’s me!) that everything crazy seems to happen to and makes...

5 Good Reasons to See Squeaky Clean Comedy

Squeaky clean
1.  It’ll be “original and genuinely funny” - The Burn Magazine. That’s why we go to the Comedy Festival, right? Squeaky Clean Comedy has a strong track record of fantastic reviews, with respected and award-winning artists, so it’s pretty much a guaranteed pick.   2. It’s “a show that...