5 Good Reasons To See Fiannah de Rue in It’s Not Funny

1. It is funny.

2. At multiple points throughout the show Fiannah will wear a silly hat and dance to JLo. Fiannah is not a dancer.

3. It’s directed by the POWERHOUSE that is Hayley Tantau, who created the POWERHOUSE that is Cindy Salmon and you know what they say… two POWERHOUSES might just make a third POWERHOUSE… tbc…

4. Because Fiannah is from Tasmania and so are other notable comedians such as Hannah Gadsby, Luke McGregor and Jacquie Lambie.

5. It’s about death! Need I say more.

It’s Not Funny is on at Tasma Terrace from April 9 to 22

5 Good Reasons To See All-Star Hollywood Big-Shot Wheel of Bargains 2000!! (NOT Sex Predators)

1. Our show is streamed live for free at 8pm, so as well as attending live, you can watch every single performance in the comfort of your own toilet / Japanese toilet!




2. Every night a new pop-up location is announced at the end of the previous show. Or check @wobargs2k on Twitter the day of for an announcement.

3. You win things just by watching. Literally.

4. Tickets are just $10 at the door, $5 concession and Tuesdays. Or you can spend $38 to see Wil Anderson do Frankston jokes at the Town Hall. Up to you.

5. We are legit Hollywood megastars. Peter Morley, born and raised in Melbourne, has been performing and writing internationally in Toronto, Canada and Hollywood AMERICA (#maga) for 10 years with Second City, UCB, The 90 Second Morley Report and Funny or Die. Rachel Kottkamp is a native Southern California girl who is in her 14th year performing improv in Hollywood as a mainstage performer at CSZ LA. We are very excited to be debuting our first joint show that we created together and have been performing every week for 11 months in Los Angeles. Come or it will break our sensitive hearts.

All-Star Hollywood Big-Shot Wheel of Bargains 2000!! (NOT Sex Predators) runs from March 29 to April 21

5 Good Reasons To See Matt Kilpa in For Science!

Matt’s an actual scientist, working in a high tech laboratory to cure diabetes. Or at least he should be, instead he’s spent the last year writing a comedy show about science because laughter is the best medicine (insulin’s a close second).

Matt’s a pretty good comedian, which is a desirable quality for a comedy show. If you’re impressed by comedy competitions he’s a PICF Next Gen Comedy finalist and a RAW Comedy state finalist. If you’re impressed by reviews, Fringe Feed said ‘★★★★ Saturated in wit and subtle humour…needs to be witnessed’, We Know Melbourne said ‘★★★★ Quick witted, but personable’ and Gutter Culture said ‘Mixes together clever concepts and low brow jokes with genuinely hilarious results’. If you’re impressed by bird facts, the Australian pelican has the longest bill of any bird in the world.

Matt’s an accomplished musician, having toured nationally and worked professionally as a session musician. He incorporates music into comedy and Beat Magazine described ‘Flight of the Conchords [as] an obvious comparison’. We think that’s an incorrect comparison as Flight of the Conchords is two Kiwi’s and Matt Kilpa is one Aussie. We would like to formally deny the allegations that Matt Kilpa is two Kiwi’s, one on the others shoulders, wearing a trenchcoat.

No explanation needed.

It’s at the Croft Institute, which is one of the coolest laneway bars in Melbourne, which also happens to be science themed! And it’s on at the very reasonable time of 7:30, which means you can get home in time for MKR and not have to fiddle around recording it on the PVR. I mean you can record it anyway if you want, but you know you’ve got way too much stuff on that thing and you’re never going to get around to watching it all. Plus you can get most of that stuff on streaming services now anyway.

For Science! is on at The Croft Institute from March 28 to April 9

5 Good Reasons To See Eli Landes, Mimi Shaheen & Simon Carter in Did We Just Become Best Friends?

1) This will be a debut festival performance from Simon, Mimi and myself, Eli, so you’ll be sure to hear some exciting new comedy.

2) My comedic style is completely unique, my material is utterly original and I don’t subscribe to identity politics.

3) I’m a straight white male.

4) It’s not like I actually care if you come to the show or not, you know. Like, I don’t perform stand-up comedy in some pathetic attempt to improve my self-esteem, or to feel a sense of validation, or as my one way of connecting to other human beings.

5) I need this.

Did We Just Become Best Friends? is on at Loop Project Space & Bar from March 28 to April 21

5 Good Reasons To See Oliver Cowen & Kayla Hamill in The Tales of Witchmen

1. It’s a very funny show! Plus, the disproportion in Kayla and Oliver’s height is strangely arousing to look at.

2. You don’t have to think too much! WE do all the silly so YOU just have to do all the laughy.

3. There’s something for everyone! Including songs, raps, inspiring dance sequences and A CABBAGE HAT.

4. It is performed by incredible actor-comedians! Oliver has an actual moustache right under his actual nose on his actual face. And Kayla can cry on cue*.
*if she were to trip over and graze her knee badly prior to the cue

5. It starts at 10pm, which means it’s the BEST way to end your night full of comedy, with MORE COMEDY!

The Tales of Witchmen is on at The Butterfly Club from March 27 to April 1

5 Good Reasons To See Tinder Tales: A New Australian Musical

1) The show covers important issues such as anxiety, sexuality and mental health…also, there’s an entire song about dick…

2) It’s an entirely original Australian musical. Supporting new local talent is seriously important, plus you can brag about it on social media afterwards #socialconscience #australianmade

3) Based on real life experiences of digital dating (and boy, haven’t we all had them?) the show is as relateable as it is cringe-inducing, as embarrassing as it is empowering.

4) Where better to meet the love of your life (or at least, for the night) than at a show about Tinder? The romance practically writes itself!

5) If all that isn’t enough, the show has a catchy pop score, fairy lights, glitter, more talented local performers than you can poke a stick at and a strong underlying message. And did we mention the dick song?!

(As you can see, the show has a bit of a raunchy side to it…we definitely don’t recommend the show for under 15s!)

Tinder Tales is on at The MC Showroom from April 19 to 22