5 Good Reasons to See Game Boys – Wide World of Esports

1) With a unique blend of low-fi handmade props and high-tech audio-visual design, a Game Boys show is unlike anything you’ll see at the festival.

2) They don’t look it, but they really are brothers. Creating comedy shows together is unique. Descending into petty bickering with your sibling is not. But Blanka is way better than Guile.

3) Wide World of Esports may take place at the Elympics of 2092, but this alternate universe looks suspiciously like 1992. It’s set in the future, but it’s also about your childhood.

4) They were nominated for the Golden Gibbo last year. So you know the Comedy Festival thinks they’re creative, original, unique and financially unsustainable.

5) Above all, everyone leaves a Game Boys show with a big smile on their faces. Gamers and non-games alike get swept up in the brother’s infectious personalities and sharp writing.

Wide World of Esports is on at Trades Hall – The Quilt Room until April 22

5 Good Reasons to See Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

1. Future generations will gather round to ask which night of Marcel Lucont’s Whine List you attended during it’s all-too-brief two-week run, and what occurred. While those who were too late to buy tickets will weave false stories, you must be one of the ones spreading the truth and sharing these tales of comedic majesty.

2. Current generations will call you a dick if you do not.

3. Si vous lisez ceci, vous êtes déjà plus qualifié pour voir ce spectacle que la plupart de vos compatriotes, qui ne pouvaient pas faire la différence entre une baguette et un bateau.

4. When has a journalist ever lied to you?
“A must-see” – Herald Sun. “An absolute must-see” -The West Australian. “An essential Fringe show” – The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe. “One of the highlights of this Fringe” – EdFringe Review. “Very clever” – Squirrel Comedy.

5. Society probably does not have much longer left, enjoy this peak of human culture while you can. Then begin work on your bunker. Again.

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List is on at The Cooper’s Malthouse – Beckett Theatre until April 22

5 Good Reasons to See Ethan Andrews – The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be

1) Festivals are for seeing up and comers, not just TV stars. The feeling of discovering a new act is a joy you just don’t get watching the big names. Also, in 2013 someone vomited on Ethan during Arj Barker. This will not happen in this show.

2)This pre-show playlist is great. To get you hyped, check out this playlist of tracks that inspired The Youngest I Am Every Going To Be.

3) Ethan is the only comedian in this year’s festival who can boast having grown up in the town with the highest ratio of men to women in Australia.

Reason number four? More like reason 4.5. That’s how many stars the show got from Tulpa Magazine. “If you see one comedy show this season, I strongly recommend this be it.”

Reason number five? More like reason 5:30. At the happy-hour friendly time of 5:30pm and with shows running at Tasma Terrace all night long, The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be is the perfect first course in a comedy banquet.

The Youngest I Am Ever Going To Be is on at Tasma Terrace until April 22

5 Good Reasons to See This Is A Sketch Show

1. Ladies leave your man at home. The club is full of sketch show and there’s sketches full-grown.

2. This Is A Sketch Show is guaranteed to include more towels than any other show this festival OR YOUR MONEY BACK

3. Pies have never been so sexy, nor this mangled.

4. The closing sketch is so intense, the last time we attempted to perform it, it broke an adult man’s knee.

5. It’s at The Improv Conspiracy every Friday and Sunday throughout the festival, and Meyers Place is pretty cool now.

For bookings and more information go to the Festival website:


5 Good Reasons to see Luke Leonard’s Mirth

1 Mirth is a story jam-packed full of true love, death, and poop

2 – It’s a tale of the triumph of the human spirit. Like Touching the Void, but with less* Boney M

3 – You like books

4 – Luke Leonard looks like The University Lecturer You’d Maybe Root, but when he’s going through a tough time

5 – No Bitcoin jokes.

Luke Leonard’s Mirth is on at both The Imperial Hotel and Caz Reitops Dirty secret. Check the website for more info


5 Good Reasons to See Ross Purdy – Clownbaby

1) It’s a late night comedy show without the pesky inconvenience of a late night time slot.

2) The closet thing to an Adult Swim cartoon being performed live on stage.

3) Ross is in sketch comedy duo “Late Night Party Boyz” along with Damien Vosk and written for “Dr. Duck” so he’s been around the block a few times, alright mister, he’s cool, he’s hip – your old man is still with it, Rodney. Sorry that last part was for my son.

4) You’ve got nothing else to do. I know what you do. I see where you live, and you’re hardly living up as the Queen of England I tell you that much. A Queen of the England that wouldn’t see this show is no Queen of mine – which is why I want Australia to be a Republic.

5) Show contains traces of: Reality talent shows, ’90s teen movies, La La Land & Ryan Gosling, milk, Triple J, 1970s businessman biopics and a whole section about the final days of the Cold War that was cut due to its jarring tonal shift and introduction characters into the show that up to that point were nowhere to be seen.

Ross Purdy – Clownbaby is on The Sub Club, 33 Elizabeth St (entry via Flinders Court) 6:15pm, Sundays 5:15pm March 28th to April 8th (No Show April 4th)