Woah Alyssa! 1 – Colwyn Buckland and Filip Lescaut

By Erin Hill

Woah Alyssa! 1 is a dangerously well-crafted sketch show, its performers Colwyn Buckland and Filip Lescaut weave multiple storylines and characters together, peppering in joyful absurdism and acerbic social commentary with equal skill. Woah Alyssa! 1 is a richly satisfying exploration of a world created by two boyfriends and three white boxes.

Buckland and Lescaut mock the obsession we have with fame and celebrity as a running theme throughout the show. A breakdown of the history of same sex “smooches” on television throws impressive shade at the representation of homosexual relationships in the media. The theme continues in sketches to follow, allowing Buckland’s portrayal of an ageing bigoted former TV star to be particularly poignant. The weight of the themes is not lost on the performers and the recognisable truth in the faux pas they demonstrate bolsters both the comedy of their depictions and the bite in the statements they make.

But for the most part this show is a delightful and impressively well-knit cache of comic characters playing out hilarious scenes. There is a Love Actually reference for keen eyed audience members, which I enjoyed markedly more than anyone else on the night I attended. Woah Alyssa! 1 also includes the best use of a Pussycat Dolls sting that I have ever been privileged enough to witness. This show is full of laugh-out-loud moments and characters you want to see again.

Buckland and Lescaut are effortlessly endearing and their obvious chemistry is incredibly watchable. For a sketch show that pulls engrossing threads together with enviable wit and ease, Woah Alyssa! 1 is a sure bet.

Woah Alyssa! 1 is on at Hare Hole at Hares & Hyenas