Kate and Steve Are Friends.

By Hannah Frazer 

When you go see a comedy show, your hope is to leave with a smile on your face, to be able to re-enter the real world with a new found excitement and a nice cheap hit of endorphins. Kate and Steve are friends will most certainly do all these things to you. The easiest most direct way of describing this show would have to be a stage full of carefully structured randomness. Kate Wilkinson (the girl one) and Steve Varley (the boy one), previously of comedy troupe Aardvarks Anonymous, take you on a journey of the ups the downs, the trials and tribulations of any good friendship.

From the beginning there is a contagious excitement and energy that comes from these two well-seasoned jokesters. An unemployed Varley wanting to find a new lease on life and Wilkinson desperate for the cash so she can get to Disneyland and meet her idol, her hero, her obsession, Buzz Light-year. They work together, coming up with ways to make this happen – queue the fun.

Not only a well scripted show, Wilkinson and Varley also allow themselves room to play and to get creative with some musical improvisation. Simply given a couple of random words, they let their minds go wondering, and the final destination is hilarity.  Their plans, though not always fool proof, are still met with determination and a contagious enthusiasm.  But when their friendship is tested, will they be able to forgive, move on and get the band back together? Or is this the end of Kate and Steve as friends?

With a long time off stage friendship evident, these platonic life mates bounce of each other really well. Both energetic and full of life, they use this show as a chance to embrace their inner child and in turn you can’t help but want to jump up there with them, and become the third member of this amusing and vibrant duo.

With only a couple of days left of the Fringe, make sure you get down and enjoy the playtime that is Kate and Steve are Friends.

Kate and Steve are Friends is on at Word Warehouse, 14 Goldie Place Melbourne at 7.30 until Oct 5