Kitten Killers – Woof

By Ron Bingham
Kitten Killers
The Killers are one down from the team I saw last year but the three girls still committed to pumping out the comedy sketches and are as sick, silly and demented as ever. One entire hour of quickfire sketches with a lot of costume changes and some entertaining audio links, ranging from a private diary, what teenage schoolgirls really get up to in their bedrooms, what really happened to Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men, some charming and heart warming songs about transmitting pictures of male genitalia and the government’s stance on the luxury nature of female sanitary products (something happening in Australia too). They explain why there is only one unicorn and the show finishes with a surprisingly spectacular grand finale.

The three performers, Fran Bushe, Kat Cade & Perdita Stott, work very hard in the tiny cramped shipping crate, they manage their elaborate costume changes extremely quickly and the jokes and situational humour is of a very high standard. If you enjoy sketch comedy at a frenetic pace performed by three talented comedians, then I heartily recommend this show (and be warned, the small room sells out very quickly). There is no cute and fluffy humour here, but at least they didn’t kill any (toy) kittens on stage like last year. Maybe I should ask for my money back! Then again, they make a lot out of very little and really give you your money’s worth.