Bucket – Ed Eales-White and Jon Pointing

By Ron Bingham

bucketEd Eales-White and newcomer Jon Pointing, star in Bucket, an hour of very physical sketches starting with some pre-war preparation priming the audience for the imminent comedy onslaught.  The pair battle valiantly through a wide range of topics including: a pair of South African gym junkies unhappy with their lot, a lovely fairy tale about a young boy with no fingers, a stage fight training school, a police serial killer case file and an elderly couple on a train to London. They tip their satirical comedy swords at physical theatre/mime, perform some improv and include a couple of breaks for the audience to catch their collective breaths for the next bombardment.

The lads work very hard and despite their different levels of experience make and excellent combative team. The sketches are mostly successful and flow smoothly. I wasn’t impressed with the failure to give a proper finish to a couple of the sketches, this can work in some sketch comedy but unfortunately they failed to pull it off here.

The overall performance by the duo is fun and energetic and well worth seeing. It was a full house on the evening I was there and the audience were very supportive and appreciative.

Ed and Jon perform at the Cellar at the Pleasance. The room has rows of (padded) bench seating with no backs, and you’ll be forced to scrunch up close to the people next to you so everyone can fit in, so pick your queue companions well.