5 reasons to see Nadine Sparks Rehab

1.      Rehab is an original blend of storytelling, character comedy and stand up.

2.      You will get to meet 7 crazy characters and you will fall in love with at least one.

3.      You will get a first hand glimpse of life in a drug rehab facility

4.     There are some pretty fresh dance moves

5.      Nadine is a seasoned performer who always delights audiences.

Rehab is on at The Improv Conspiracy Office. 26 Sept – 3 Oct


5 Good Reasons to See Improv Against Humanity – Improv For Horrible People

1. You are obsessed with or even mildly amused by the Card game Cards Against Humanity


2. If you are any kind of Nerd.


3. You have a sick obsession with yelling out politically incorrect suggestions at regular improv comedy nights and need to exorcise these demons.


4. You enjoy comedy that not only walks the line but trips the pedestrian and curb-stomps them to the ground.


5. If you may be bad but you’re perfectly good at it….if chains and whips excite you!Improv Against Humanity is on at The Improv Conspiracy TheatreTickets & Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/491207a5-9ddc-4dc2-9eb8-a4d61ca23972

5 Good Reasons to see Lizard by Damien Vosk

1. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Damien Vosk that nice kid that used to hang around here.

2. If you’ve ever thought to yourself what would a cool person do in this situation and realised that because you’re thinking that you’re never going to be cool.

3. If you’ve ever wondered how some people function in polite society.

4. If you’ve been a constant disappointment to your family!

5. If you’re convinced this is all art.

Lizard by Damien Vosk is on at The Courthouse Hotel 22-25 Sept


5 Good Reasons To See Murphy McLachlan Has Corn Chips 

1.     You get to sit down on chairs. Like, proper chairs. No hipster crate bullshit.


2.     There will be cool rock and/or pop music briefly playing at the start and end of my show! So you can boogie down, laugh heaps, and then boogie down again.


3.     I will be wearing a decent-ish buttoned shirt AND it’ll be probably be different every second night! So there’s an incentive to come to multiple shows!


4.     After the show, I will be handing out flyers for the other Fringe show I’m doing, Murphy, Tom & Claire Present  A Modern Guide To Etiquette in the 21st Century & Beyond: A Detailed Cross Section of Life From the Expert Minds of Some. It’s about etiquette I think.


5.     I has corn chips

Murphy McLachlan Has Corn Chips  at The Improv Conspiracy Office

Tickets & Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/d9c38d0b-2fe8-45d6-b6ae-eb5dbf254a73

5 Good Reasons to see Play Like A Girl

1. Play like A Girl is completely improvised so each show is original and will never be seen again.

2. You will meet eight different characters, who are created on the spot, and show the absurdity of human condition

3. See women playing strong characters, not just mothers and wives and girlfriends

4. Be privy to watching a unique event be created in front of you.

5. You will fall in love with the delightful leading ladies of The Improv Conspiracy who certainly know how to play

Play Like A Girl is on at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre 18-25 Sept


5 Good Reasons to see Little Mountain Goblin by Brianna Williams

1. If you’re perpetually late, just can’t return texts or emails and sometimes find yourself lying awake thinking about that weird thing you did to Sarah Glenister at year 9 Music Camp, you will enjoy this show. (Sarah Glenister probably won’t though.)

2. You like, you know, human things. Like laughing and connecting with people. Those are things, right?

3. It’s been a bit too long since you’ve heard Jason Donovan’s “Sealed With a Kiss”. I’m here to help you with that.

4. You enjoy the aroma of freshly cooked popcorn* (outside of a trauma to the brain).

5. You want to know exactly what a Little Mountain Goblin could be.

* Only crazy people do not enjoy this delicious smell.

Little Mountain Goblin by Brianna Williams is on at The Butterfly Club

For Tickets and Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/b4105a7d-1e95-40a7-a1b9-f60b539d9078