Five Good Reasons to see WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?

1. Time travel! By the end of the show you’ll be one hour into the future and you’ll wonder how we packed so much hilarity into sixty minutes!

2. “It’s The Taming of the Shrew with sonic screwdrivers and a TARDIS travel case,” said Geek Chocolate in Edinburgh. We tested it out in the UK and it passed, so now it’s coming to Melbourne Fringe!

3. See Rob Lloyd (star of Who MeThe Science of Doctor Who and BBC America’s Doctor Who: Earth Conquest) act like a geek at a science fiction convention. See him stretch his muscles as Gene, who thinks Captain America is better than Batman – and that Rose is the best New Who Companion. (You can shout at him after!)

4. See Jennifer Lusk dressed as Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. Marvel at how many more curves the Fifth Doctor has now – even more than he had in Time Crash. (Jen has toured with the show to Edinburgh and London.)

5. Come and laugh with Rob & Jen (as Gene & Ash) about Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and so many other science fiction franchises it would require an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre to list them all.

For Information and tickets go to the Fringe website

5 Good Reasons to see Anthony Jeannot is Unaccept-a-bubble

1) There will be a bunch of kittens at the show. SERIOUSLY SO MANY KITTENS. KITTENS, Everywhere!

There will just be me, on stage, the audience and a whole bunch of adorable kittens. It will be awesome.


2) There will be puppies. OH MY GOD, so many puppies!

It’s going to be an hour, of me on stage, telling hilarious jokes to a room full of people who are laughing whilst intermittently playing with the cute puppies and kittens.



Picture it, me, on stage, with my jokes, while you enjoy chocolate and the company of dogs and kittens.


4) There will be bubbles… BUBBLES GUYS!

So, it’s me, on stage, telling my stories, with bubbles, chocolate, puppies and kittens everywhere.


5) I will be doing stand-up.

In fact, that’s the only thing that will be happening, no kittens, no puppies, no chocolates, no bubbles, just me with stories about near, near death experiences, love, possibly dating someone who is definitely racist and other things.

Oh, and there will be bubbles, that one wasn’t a lie.


For more information and tickets, go to: unaccept-a-bubble/

5 Good Reasons to See Magic Steven – Try To Love Everyone

1. I try to be real & unconvensh, at all times.
2. When I use public transport in Melbourne, my thing is… I always touch on and touch off, using ‘MYKI’.
3.  I’m putting my heart and soul into this show.
4. You might love it.
5. “He’s just working through some stuff.” – The Herald Sun, reviewing my last show.
For more information and tickets check out the Fringe website:

5 Good Reasons to see Bowls Club Jazz

1. There’s a very good chance that something will get smashed, but we won’t give it away just yet. On an unrelated note the show features watermelons and a ukelele.

2. The world went crazy with rumours of a Flight of the Conchords reunion, so clearly we’re ready for the next big musical comedy duo. Is it these guys? Probably not, but can you really afford to miss out on them just in case they are?

3. Cream will be whipped live. Seductively.

4. The boys are taking their show on tour so there are multiple places to catch the show! From Frankston to Bendigo, Windsor to Carlton, and finishing up at the Tuxedo Cat.

5. There will likely be scones for the audience. It would be a shame to waste all that cream.

For information about tickets and the various Bowls Clubs they’re performing in check out the Fringe Website

5 Good Reasons to see Post-Post.

1) Because reviewers have said Carly Milroy was ‘Outstanding!‘ (SYN), and Harley Hefford’s writing is ‘Surreal… very very funny‘ (Kimberley Thompson).

2) Because Post-Post contains the most impressive performer-to-packaging goods ratio in the Fringe festival.

3) Because Post-Post will wow you with 13 weirdo characters, 276 envelopes*, 1 microwave, 7 puppets* and 2 Barbara Streisand solos.

4) Because you’ll get a Post-Post-postcard! Write a message to your OLD best friends in a communal postcard-writing session with a room of your NEW best friends.

5) Because

*sort of.

For information and tickets see the Fringe website:

5 good reasons to see Matt Harvey: The sperm that made it

1) Its part of the fringe festival so you can say you are cultural and supporting the arts

2) Its cheap, even on a minimum wage job you could afford to come 1.7 times for an hours wage

3) There won’t be any gritty reboots of your favourite kids shows

4) There won’t be a convoluted love story involving a ‘meet-cute’ and easily resolved issues that are inexplicably stretched out because… script.

5) There is just as much existential angst as your favourite indie film yet it is still comedy.

For Information and tickets check out the Fringe website