5 Good Reasons to See Taco Knight in A Knight’s Taco

1. Double Bass Comedy
Taco is the first double bass comedian in Australia! It’s also her first solo show, so come and check out some fresh meat.

2. Nine songs, a dance sequence and lots of stand-up
What more could you want?

3. Taco’s double bass is called Terry
He’s really nice, come chat to him at the bar. Speaking of the bar, Taco Knight is at the Butterfly Club which has an excellent bar with excellent bar-people.

4. All kinds of comedy
From self-depricating humour to diet social critique to absurdist comedy, Taco has it all. It’s an eclectic yet wholesome show. Like a cheesecake.

5. There’s also a rap parody
in which “ghetto” is rhymed with “Freddo”. For more hi-fi rhymes, come see the show for yourself.

Taco Knight performs A Knight’s Taco at The Butterfly Club 1-7 Apr



5 good reasons to See Infectious 2019

1. Infectious 2018 was described by Sammy J as “… probably the best value show in town” and it’s going to be more bang for your buck with the stellar line-up for 2019.

2. See the one and only Fiona O’Loughlin star on the line-up alongside Irish comedian, Eleanor Tiernan and other surprise acts including:
a. A rising star of Australian television
b. A previous winner of RAW Comedy
c. A star of TV’s ‘Comedy Next Gen’

3. Proceeds support public health and medical research at Burnet Institute.

4. It’s at the at the trendy Chapel Off Chapel so you can enjoy a drink with friends at the bar before the show.

5. It’s a great night out for a great cause – what’s not to love? See you there!

Infectious 2019 is on for One Night Only  – Monday April 15 at Chapel Off Chapel


5 Good Reasons to see Macdeth

1. Macbeth is a great story and it’s a story that’s relevant to our time. This is a show that will engaged your imagination like a great book. It will have you riveted like one of those Facebook videos of cats doing crazy things with a photocopier machine, or of people jumping off the roof of their friends house onto a trampoline and then being catapulted into the side of said house with orthopedically devastating results.

Plus, when you take your kids to visit friends and family instead of quoting the soulless dialogue from the latest video game they’ll be quoting Shakespeare. Cool, huh?

2. It’s pretty cheap theatre for the family. Theatre is (generally) stupidly expensive. You have to pay for a park, you’re bound to spend money on food and treats and then the ticket prices, yikes!

Macdeth is a steal and it has four other good reason to come and see it (please refer to reasons 1,3, 4 and 5).

3. Macdeth is made for families, so if you’re an adult you can expect to laugh and have a good time and you’ll also enjoy watching that little person you brought along laughing as well.

Hot tip to really make the most of the outing; Plan, book, get there in good time. Do yourself a favour and don’t come rushing into the theatre stressed to the max and then expect us (on stage) to engaged your frazzled mind. Save the sweet treat for your kids till after the show – the sugar fix will have junior about as able to focus on the nuances of well crafted theatre as a broad sword is able to stand in for a butter knife.

4. Macdeth is both funny and moving. People can expect to see a piece of comic theatre that has substance and style. You’ll find it both comic and tragic. It’s like eating sweet and sour, or salt and vinegar, it’s smooth and crunchy.

5. Without getting too heavy handed, you need to give your kids this experience. You need to show them some good theatre because it will help them down the track. Help them get into a better university, have better health, and find a high paying professional job. If you fail to bring your children to this show you’re actually depriving them. Just by walking into The Cooper’s Malthouse theatre you’ll have increased your child’s general wellbeing and achievements in later life. That’s worth the entry price alone. No pressure.

Macdeth is on at The Cooper’s Malthouse


5 Good Reasons to see Dirty Diana

1. Diana’s mum has high expectation for this show so Diana is telling jokes, playing ukulele, and cooking spring rolls all at the same time.

2. There will be a Durian on stage during the show. The beautiful, putrid smell of life.

3. Diana has invited Pauline Hanson to the show. Her RVSP is still pending. Fingers crossed.

4. Diana has been on Q&A, Friday Front Bar, and Fox Footy speaking in Vietnamese so the next level is to do this at Dirty Diana – #SameSamebutDifferent

5. This show is about embracing the tingles of life. Including at 10pm when you’re alone in your bedroom. OR you could be at this show and be part of a collaborative tingle.

Diana Nguyen performs Dirty Diana at Storyville


5 Good Reasons to see ‘One Big Story’ by Jolly Goodfellow aka Rumpel

1. I’m nuts…I’m Australian…I love squirrels

2. I’ve performed in fifty countries, traveled to seventy four so i must be doing something right.

3. ‘It is an experience you will never forget.’ The Scotsman -Edinburgh Fringe- 2017.

4. I was the original ‘Fool on the Hill’ character in the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil Love show in Vegas for two years,
2006-2008. I passed the two day audition on April Fool’s Day in Melbourne. Really!

Am renown for having performed multiple 24 hour shows, plus shows twice as long, lasting up to 48 to 53 hours
in several countries around Europe. That’s longer than my entire three week + 4 day run at 2019 MICF in one show.
Doing 25 nights all up here except March 29th (that date had already been reserved for something else). I will be squeezing
a lot into 60 minutues. My longest show in Australia was 16 hrs at the Byron Bay Music & Arts Festival in 1996.
Great to be back in Melbourne, my hometown after being away five and a half years.
Was living in LA (La La Land) appearing in tv shows, films, music videos etc.
You may have seen me on Fat Pizza tv show in Australia as the jester about sixteen years ago?
‘One Big Story’ will be a highly visual, ridiculously verbal show full of heart and with a fair amount of ear candy fun
by a real deal worldly wild card in a fantastical otherworldy dreamworld setting at Storyville which is right in the heart
of Melbourne CBD, only 700 mtrs from Melbourne Town Hall.
My fool’s journey has been an extraordinary long and winding road with enough bumps along the way…
The Show Must Go On…
Always good to help bring a smile to the world.
Laughter is universal!
This show is good value for money and wealth at heart.
Love makes us happy 🙂
Come and see this as i never know where in the world
i will be next?
These are 5+ Jolly Good reasons to come and see my show.
Also my name is Jolly Goodfellow. Really!
Positive = Positive ((( 💟 )))

‘One Big Story’ is on at Storyville


Ross Purdy in Kentucky Fried God Murder

1) Following on from last year’s “Clownbaby”, Ross Purdy is upping the ante as if it needed to be upped but he’s upping it anyway. “Surreal” or “absurdist” doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of this insanity. “Dadaist” maybe?

2) Not for the faint of the heart, for the real freaks who wanna get amongst it. So if you’re a real freak who loves getting amongst it, here’s the it to amongst.

3) Someone FINALLY makes fun of Christianity.

4) A brand new adorable baby-like character the festival will fall in love with!

5) Adelaide critics say “Like Lars Von Trier and David Lynch tried to out-mindf*** each other” and that Purdy goes “full Brando in Apocalypse Now” and is “just waiting to see which Dennis Hopper comes out of the jungle to tag along” which means you – the audience, which by my perspective is better than being Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.

Kentucky Fried God Murder is on at The Tickle Pit at The Croft from March 27 to April 6