5 good reasons to see Matt Harvey: The face of gentrification & other ideas

1. You like smart comedy that will make you laugh and maybe even pause to appreciate an idea. Matt Harvey was described by comedian Frank Hamster as a “philosophical comedian” while he doesn’t necessarily know if that’s true he likes it a lot.

2. You are a good person and a supporter of all things locally sourced. This locally sourced comedian grown from entirely local ingredients… (eww).

3. A lot of shows you see this year will have dick jokes or be a bit rude. This show might be a bit rude but there will be maybe one dick joke. But it is in service of a much bigger ideal, I promise.

4. The show has done two successful festival runs so is in its most polished and powerful final form. You’ll never see this show do better.

5. The show has received 4 and 5 star reviews from audience members. You know, trust worthy people like you. You’re a person like you. You can trust you.

Matt Harvey: The face of gentrification & other ideas is on at The Tickle Pit from April 17


5 Good reasons to see Matt Harvey – Just For Funny: A live comedy podcast

1.  Honestly the festival is huge and unless you’ve “seen them on the telly” picking between unknown comics is hard. We’ve seen them, performed with them, moved among them. This is a hand picked list of comics we trust you will enjoy.

2. You can try us out first. We’re on iTunes so really you’re not even taking a chance on us.

3. There is a roller coaster at our venue. Seriously, if after the show you haven’t had enough fun you can then go ride a roller coaster!

4. Its a live podcast recording, be a part of recorded history. Hear your unique laugh resonate through your headphones in a sort of comedy inception. This may be your chance for immortality, or for your laugh to be immortalised.

5. You like to support local, right? Local bands, local produce, local comedians. Put all your good will into one podcast.

The Just For Funny podcast is being recorded live at Luna Park!

For more information see the MICF website:


5 Good Reasons to see We’re Living in the Future – Matt Harvey

1. You’ve already seen it. Like Dr. Manhattan you are an effect of your own cause, you have seen it, you will see it. You can’t fight destiny, you will book your ticket now.

2. Its not purely science fiction! For those afraid they will be lost in references like the above one, it does cater to an audience of varying amounts of knowledge. Its Science, Politics, everyday life all wrapped in a shiny theme, Science Fiction.

3. You like to laugh at the absurd nature of life and the universe.
If I’ve learnt nothing else from Tinder it is people like people who like to laugh, come see my show and then you can tell your Tinder dates about how cultured you are and how much you love to laugh at the absurdities of life.

4. We left 96 bags of faeces urine and vomit on the moon.
That is just one piece of information I learned researching this show. Imagine what you will learn when you come to see it.

5. Steven Hawking has all but confirmed that there is a multiverse, so you want to make sure you are living in Earth Prime, the best universe. In order for that to happen you should be in my audience. All those other multi-verses can suck it!


We’re Living in the Future is a one off performance by Matt Harvey on Oct 2 at The Open Stage Melbourne Uni.


5 good reasons to see Matt Harvey: The sperm that made it

1) Its part of the fringe festival so you can say you are cultural and supporting the arts

2) Its cheap, even on a minimum wage job you could afford to come 1.7 times for an hours wage

3) There won’t be any gritty reboots of your favourite kids shows

4) There won’t be a convoluted love story involving a ‘meet-cute’ and easily resolved issues that are inexplicably stretched out because… script.

5) There is just as much existential angst as your favourite indie film yet it is still comedy.

For Information and tickets check out the Fringe website