5. It’s Episode III of my Nerd Trilogy. This is the final part of a long journey that started in 2010 with my first ever, solo show A Study in Scarlet (A Study of…) about my obsession with Sherlock Holmes.

That show was a hit and lead me into following my next obsession, Doctor Who with my next solo show Who, Me.

To be honest I’ve been avoiding working on Episode III because of how daunting it is to look at the colossus that is Star Wars and now it’s been so long between shows I’m afraid this show might become the Godfather III or the A Good Day to Die Hard of my Nerd Trilogy.

To put your minds at ease I don’t have Sofia Coppola in this show, neither have I set it in Russia…so we should be alright. 


4. It was co-devised with David Innes. Mr Innes and I have been playing silly buggers together for about two years now. The input of Mr Innes with The Heart Awakens has been crucial, he helped me find the structure and sense of humour of this piece but most important of all…the heart.


3. It’s directed by Lliam Amor. I’ve known and admired Lliam for years as a supremely gifted actor and improviser. I’ve desperately wanted to work with him on a show of mine for ages. He has a keen understanding of character, genre and story…all perfect for a director. Plus he is very tolerating of nerds, so he creates a safe rehearsal space.


2. It co-stars Jennifer Speirs, who is a hugely talented actress and a massive Star Wars fan! (I mean her favourite character is Lando for god sake! How awesome is that!?!) I’m really excited to be working with Jen, she has an amazing energy and an enthusiasm that is totally infectious. We haven’t stopped laughing during rehearsals. In The Heart Awakens Jen has the responsibility of playing two important figures in my life, I’ve been impressed with her commitment and devotion to both characters. I can’t wait to show you what she’s got.


1. It’s Star Wars! I mean seriously…how awesome is Star Wars? All us die-hard fans have sat through the good, the bad and the Jar Jar but we’re still here. It’s been a massive part of the geek world for over 35 years but it is also a major part of mainstream culture. Even if you haven’t seen the films, you know the characters, the lines, the weapons, the costumes, the relations and the stories. The story of this show in particular focuses on what if being a fan of something was kind of like a love story and how would that play out? So even if you don’t get the fleeting specific references, everyone has had a first love…

Rob Lloyd: The Heart Awakens is on at The Lithuanian Club

Who Are You Supposed to Be? by Keith Gow

By Lisa Clark 

Sometimes, though not often, I see a show that I think someone has written especially to make me happy and this is definitely one. A funny, intelligent and geeky romp through the sexual politics of fandom, bring it on.

Who Are You Supposed To Be? By Keith Gow first debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 and Australian actress Jennifer Lusk played the lead Ashley but another person, UK-based Cameron McKewen played Gene Peterson. Like our own Rob Lloyd (and the character they play), Cameron is ‘Con Famous’ in other words he is a minor celebrity in the real life fan convention world, known for his Dr Who blog Blogtor Who. Rob Lloyd has also been involved with a Dr Who podcast, Preachrs Podcast is currently voicing the part of The Doctor in an audio series, has a Vlogcast about pop culture and fan conventions called The Con Artist and gained a reputation around the conventions with his Dr Who themed comedy show Who Me? as well as his striking resemblance to Tenth Doctor David Tennant. The casting of Gene is inspired, although Rob’s personality in real life bears little resemblance to the annoying introvert Gene, the blurring of character / performer adds another delightful layer to the play.

Rob and Jennifer each play their parts beautifully, Jennifer as the strong, plain talking, yet vulnerable Ashley carries the play effortlessly and Rob’s dweeby Gene who grows in insight and warmth as the narrative progresses is a lot of fun as her nemesis cum potential boyfriend. Ashley has travelled to London for a UK holiday that includes a trip to a scifi convention where she has the chance to meet her favourite Dr Who actor Peter Davison. While there she meets Gene and though they don’t really know each other it turns out they have communicated previously through social media, a lovely touch that reflects a lot of modern life relationships. An awkward and bickering friendship develops despite their disagreements about women’s involvement in genre and “non-canonical boobs” (my favourite punny line in the play). There are scenes on each of the four days of the convention and you can tell it is a new day from Gene’s new geek Tshirt of the day. One of the scenes has them on the phone alternately discussing each other with someone else which worked a treat. The themes discussed by the pair go to the heart of all that is good and bad about the modern fan scene and issues discussed passionately on-line. I was also impressed by a beautiful line in the play that referenced something that had happened in a new Dr Who episode of only a week earlier!

Written as a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who, it is a very Who heavy script though there are many other geeky references; some as obscure as a character from Babylon 5, others as mainstream as a quote from Toy Story. Intelligent, and funny, this is one of the best Dr. Who tribute plays I’ve seen as Gow explores modern geek culture and relationships with laughs and tenderness. Ten years ago I might’ve thought that this is too niche to fandom for success as a play, but things have changed and nerd culture has grown and seeped into the mainstream and there is a huge audience ready to love this and ‘get’ it. If you enjoy Doctor Who or have been to a fandom convention, you simply must see this play.

Who Are You Supposed to Be? is on at The Owl & The Pussycat (opposite Richmond Station) until October 5th

Five Good Reasons to see WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?

1. Time travel! By the end of the show you’ll be one hour into the future and you’ll wonder how we packed so much hilarity into sixty minutes!

2. “It’s The Taming of the Shrew with sonic screwdrivers and a TARDIS travel case,” said Geek Chocolate in Edinburgh. We tested it out in the UK and it passed, so now it’s coming to Melbourne Fringe!

3. See Rob Lloyd (star of Who MeThe Science of Doctor Who and BBC America’s Doctor Who: Earth Conquest) act like a geek at a science fiction convention. See him stretch his muscles as Gene, who thinks Captain America is better than Batman – and that Rose is the best New Who Companion. (You can shout at him after!)

4. See Jennifer Lusk dressed as Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. Marvel at how many more curves the Fifth Doctor has now – even more than he had in Time Crash. (Jen has toured with the show to Edinburgh and London.)

5. Come and laugh with Rob & Jen (as Gene & Ash) about Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and so many other science fiction franchises it would require an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre to list them all.

For Information and tickets go to the Fringe website

5 Good Reasons to See Benjamin Maio Mackay & Rob Lloyd 50 Years of Doctor Who: Preachrs Podcast Live 2!

1. Because you know you want to and its “Completely Entertaining” 4.5 stars – Kryztoff RAW

2. Our show features pre-recorded appearances from stars of Doctor Who – for your eyes only!

3. We sold out our shows in Adelaide and Melbournians don’t like to be left behind.

4. You want to try and win some jelly babies because no Doctor Who fan should go anywhere with their bag of babies!

5. There will be actual Daleks and a Cyberhead (that’s right a head) to get up close and personal with – at your own risk!

The Preachrs will be podcasing at Club Voltaire for only 5 shows from April 16

5 Good Reasons to see Rob Lloyd and Kelsey Gade in Pride Hard

This year for Melbourne Fringe Rob Lloyd (Who, Me and Ch 31’s Live on Bowen) is teaming up with new, up and comer Kelsey Gade to present the ultimate cinematic/literature mash-up…PRIDE HARDDie Hard in the style of Pride and Prejudice.

1. This is a completely different approach to the ‘mash-up’ format! I’ve done enough scenes, sketches and whole shows where we take something ‘classical’ and do a ‘modernized’ version of it, either through the genres of action, sci-fi or stuff like that. I wanted to take a risk this year and see if I could pull off a ‘modern’ story on a ‘classical’ style! It’s been great working with both Kelsey and Scott Gooding on this show.

2. All the characters are so great…it’s been so much fun throwing them all ‘into the pot’ as it were and seeing how they play together! From ‘wise guy’ hero John McClane to the ultimate suave bad guy Hans Gruber! From the creepy Mr Collins, the over the top hysterics of Mrs Bennet to the silly, giddy Kitty and Lydia. Two worlds really collide…but also somehow weirdly work.

3. You don’t have to be a Die Hard fan or a Pride and Prejudice lover to like the show…the story and the characters speak for themselves. Plus there are enough other pop culture references; from Harry Potter, South Park, Dr Who, Star Wars and the Disney movies to keep you interested!

4. It’s an extremely high energy show! Trying to cram a two hour film, a 367 page book and roughly 20 characters into under an hour takes quite a lot of stamina. On top of all that, the show is just two actors on stage creating the entire world with their bodies, voices and interactions. You won’t see this type of stuff on ‘The Shire’.

5. Basically it’s a show with everything: love, drama, comedy, action, dance, song…plus two performers in singlets…what more could you want in a Melbourne Fringe show?

Pride Hard is running til the 13th of Oct at The Meeting Room. North Melbourne Town Hall.
Tuesday to Staurday at 8pm. Sundays at 7pm.

To buy tickets go to:

Or for more information about the show go to:

5 Good Reasons to go to St Ali to see Jack Druce, Ross Daniels, Brad Hearne, The Classic Tale of Faust and Rob Lloyd.

This is St Ali’s first year as a Comedy Festival venue and they are jumping in with gusto. St Ali is the venue for ten official MICF shows  and seven of them will include at least one night with an Auslan interpreter. Their late night shows under the umbrella of ‘The Late Night Percolator, have a sophisticated Melbourne comedy in a cafe kind of vibe, but also sound like a hoot! They include The Comedy Manifesto Reunion night, musical comedy, kareoke with comedians, trivia, burlesque and a puppet night. It’s a venue run by performers and I urge comedy fans to support them in their venture away (but not too far away) from the CBD.

5 Good Reasons to go to the venue St Ali

1. We feature internationally renowned 5 star and green room award nominated artists

2. We have parties every night from Tues – Sat where our cafe doors open to the public with free shows and awesome DJs

3. It’s an Artist Run Initiative, so we do our best to support our artists in as many ways as we possibly can

4. You can drive there easily and PARK around the corner for free after 6pm!! A novel concept. Alternatively, we’re an easy tram ride.

5. We’re actually funny, we like to dance, our heart is in exactly the right place, and we’re inviting you into our little nook to play with us.

Learn about all that is happening at St Ali at The St Ali Comedy website.

If you need any more convincing, consider the following:

5 Good Reasons to see JACK DRUCE – INTROVERT DEF JAM 
Jack Druce

1.  If you see a show out side of the Town Hall area you don’t have to be hounded by people flyering you, this means you have a pleasant walk out, and comedians have their self esteem crushed.

2.  My show is called ‘Introvert Def Jam’ and Involves a lot of ranting about StarWars and also at St Ali is Rob Lloyd doing a show about Dr. Who, So you could line up a perfect nerdy Comedy Double bill.

3. This is the first time this has happened, if this grows to be the biggest, coolest, comedy place in town, then you get to be the hip and trendy person who say’s “ohh, yea… St. Ali comedy I went there back in 2012… no big deal.’

4. Go there before the show to enjoy world class food and coffee

5. It always bothers me when a comedy night advertises its self with things external to the performance its self, like bar deals and venue stuff. The only real reason you should come and see a show at St Ali is that they have a picked spectacular line up of unique and talented comedians and you will have a really fun time.

5 Good Reasons to see ROSS DANIELS – PUNKED
1. If you missed it last time, or even if you didn’t, here’s your last chance to see my acclaimed one person show in a special encore season.

2. It’s made up of not only stand up, but story telling, characters, improvisation and real drama.

3. You’ll witness the birth of punk rock in a very cool [as in hip not uninsulated] venue.

4. I zip around the stage transforming into punks, evil cops, Molly Meldrum, my grandparents, former Queensland premier/dictator Joh Bjelke-Petersen, myself at age 15 and more.

5. You don’t have to be into punk, history, Brisbane or police to enjoy it. Audiences of all ages and locations [as well as the critics] have embraced ‘Punked’!
5 Good Reasons to see BRAD HEARNE – DEAF DEFYING
Brad Hearne

1. Given that there will be an AUSLAN interpreter for two of the shows you can come and see what rude words look like in sign language and then insult your co workers the following day without their knowledge.

2.Two words – Pity Vote, Australia has a proud tradition of championing people like me in the arts. Just look at every season of Australian Idol.

3.People are going to get a unique insight into what it’s like to be a partially deaf person in a hearing world. But it’s not just wall to wall deafness, because that would be weird…and really quiet. I also tell a funny story about getting a haircut.

4.If you come to my show it will validate my sense of self worth. Okay, so that one doesn’t do much for you,…but hey there’s always that karma thing.

5.MICF at St Ali – what could be better. There’s comedy, there’s caffiene, there’s late night shenanigans. It’s like spending an evening inside a really funny can of Red Bull!

1. possibility of free vodka

2. possibility of free easter eggs

3. Debi Rice’s new poem

4. Scott Gooding in a Tux

5. support art made in collaboration with communities

5 Good Reasons to see ROB LLOYD – WHO, ME???
Who Me?

Five!?! Ha…I can give you ELEVEN good reasons to see ‘WHO, ME’ at St Ali during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

1- Like the First Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ can be a little cranky but it does have a heart of gold.

2- Like the Second Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ is slapstick joy to watch but has a deeper side.

3- ‘WHO, ME’ is as stylish and classy as the Third Doctors frilly shirts and velvet jackets.

4- Like the Fourth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ isn’t as stupid as it seems.

5- ‘WHO, ME’ thinks a vegetable is an appropriate fashion accessory, like the Fifth Doctor.

6- Like the Sixth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ can be pompous and self important but only for a very brief time.

7- Like the Seventh Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ is enigmatic and controlling.

8- Like the Eighth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ has an exciting motorbike/ambulance chase (chase not guaranteed).

9- ‘WHO, ME’ loves to be dark and broody, like the Ninth Doctor.

10- Like the Tenth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ appeals to ‘the ladies’.

11- Like the Eleventh Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ thinks Fish Fingers and Custard is delicious.

And that would be one of the nerdiest promos for a show you will every read my friends!