5 Good Reasons to see Carly Milroy in Pee Stick

Pee Stick
1. It’s like overhearing your housemate talking to themselves in the loo after they crept in at 3am except with theatrical conventions, multiple personalities and much more sweat. 2. It’s got dancing. Not the impressive kind where you can see people lift their leg as high as you know...

5 good reasons to see The First Annual (Doris to insert) Festival

Bess County
1. It’s a festival within a festival, so you get twice the festival for once the ticket price. 2. Whether you love Grant Denyer, hate Grant Denyer or are merely indifferent to Grant Denyer, we’ve some jokes for you! 3. There’s a raffle every night! You could win a...

5 Good Reasons to see Woah, Alyssa!

1. It’s a sketch comedy show, so it’s like a bunch of shows in one; there’s a bit of SNL-style absurdity, some social critique and raunch like Amy Schumer, and characters and themes all chill in one fake universe a la Portlandia. So there’s bound to be something you’ll...

5 good reasons to see The Yonder

Normal Children
1. Shirley Bassey 2. Original electronic by talented local musician Alan Erpi adds a lot of gravitas to our dumb antics 3. Intergalactic alien space dance battle. 4. There are space squid! 5. The world is on fire what else are you going to do? Join us for the...

5 Good Reasons to see Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

Photography By DYLAN EVANS
1. I guarantee you’ll never look at your old cuddly toys the same way again. 2. Monogamy is soooo last century, multi-love is what all the cool, trendy kids are doing! Well… maybe not the kids, that would be wrong… you know what I mean. 3. I promise I’ll...

5 Good Reasons to See Completely Improvised Potter

Improvised Potter
1. Wizard school. (homework and magic together at last) 2. House Elf politics 3. Centaur fortune telling. 4. Noseless Evil. 5. A money back guarantee. Completely Improvised Potter is on at Lithuanian Club – Ballroom from September 15 to 30 https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/event/completely-improvised-potter/

5 Good Reasons to see The Travelling Sisters in NOO SHO!

Travelling Sisters NOO SHO
1. We play our own mothers, which is very new and very weird, and very fun. In the show they are lollipop ladies with tiny stop signs. 2. There is the most epic mini 80s musical about a queer teen romance you will see this Fringe. 3. We dress...

5 Good Reasons to see Hannah Camilleri in Vision Statement

Hannah Camilleri
1. I’m fresh from studying under Philippe Gaulier and have bundles of optimism to share with you 2. I’ll be introducing you to relatable ringleaders! 3. Im completely playful, silly and ridiculous but there exists notes of nuance; en pointe enactments of existing experts 4. My show is Directed...

5 Good Reasons to see Luke Bell in “Can You Handle This? I Don’t Think You Can Handle This”

Luke Bell
1. This may well be the only chance you’ll get to see a classically-trained opera singer sing Lee Kernaghan’s ‘Boys from the Bush’ 2. I grew up in a country-town with 2 step-dads who both found me too feminine. Now, I’m performing my first cabaret singing hits from Disney’s...

Squirrel writers’ 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Round up

Edinburgh badges
So that was the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe and Festival. Once again the weather was changeable, with reports that it was the wettest summer in Scotland for 80 years. We arrived in the rain, but the frequent showers were never enough to dampen our enthusiasm. There were...