5 Good Reasons To See Sweaty Pits – Pity Party!

1. Have you ever seen a show and thought “it was good, but needed more sexually charged lemons”? We got you covered!

2. Nan friendly. We encourage all kinds of Nans to come to our show. We love Nans.

3. You want to go and see lots of shows but time is precious? Because let’s be real, it’s the 21st century and you’re a busy bee with a short attention span who’s juggling pollinating while also flying between meetings! Why not see a show that is 6 shows in one! It’s burlesque, it’s slap stick, it’s comedy, it’s sketch, it’s heartfelt, it’s 60 mins. Get cultured real quick and then go back to being the first ever Bee-CEO. You go get ‘em tiger. Buzz buzz.

4. Underneath all the silliness of it, this is a show about making yourself vulnerable enough to go after what it is that makes you feel authentic and whole. It’s about taking risks. It’s about being true to yourself. It’s about acknowledging yourself and the things you want to do in life despite the obstacles and what others think. And that’s exactly what we are doing with this show. M E T A.

5. We dare you. We double dare you. We double dog dare you. Your Nan also dares you. Don’t disappoint Nan. (Plus you get a party hat on arrival).

Sweaty Pits – Pity Party! is on at The Butterfly Club Sept 24 – 30


5 Good reasons to See – Things We Found In The Swamp

1. We’ve done a bulk order of dildos off Wish for ‘art reasons’. No-one will believe us when we tell them it is for ‘art reasons’, but that is what they are for. Will they arrive in time? Come to the show to find out!

2. Speaking of being artists, we’ve done our utmost to make sure this show has enough bum jokes for everyone. How many bum jokes do you need a show to have in it in order to enjoy it? Five? Eight thousand? We haven’t counted but our show has an amount somewhere between those two numbers so hopefully you’ll be satisfied!

3. Our fabulous cast and director are all experienced improvisers who have helped us to develop our script. It’s been a true collaborative effort to cram as many jokes into this play as possible, and an utter joy.

4. The vibe of Things We Found In The Swamp has been described as ‘Parks and Rec meets Shrek’ and if you don’t think that sounds like fun you can get the hell out of my office.

5. Elyce and Rose are highly experienced at putting dumb jokes on stage. Elyce is a prolific writer and performer of sketch comedy, and Rose is a stand-up comedian. And now that they’ve joined forces to create a show for you they’ve become twice as funny, and twice as productive, and committed twice as many murders as before and it’s all your fault.

Things We Found In The Swamp by Rose Bishop and Elyce Phillips is on at Courthouse Hotel – The Jury Room from Sept 12 – 16



5 Good Reasons to See Not Romeo and Juliet

1. Super charged queer anarchy

2. Total desecration of Shakespeare

3. Hot babes kissing

4. The funniest aerial routine you’ll ever see

5. It’s suitable for the whole family: might even turn your Nanna gay.

Kimberley Twiner and Lily Fish perform Not Romeo & Juliet at Fringe Hub: Arts House – Parlour Room Sept 22 – 29



5 Good Reasons to see FUCKBOYS THE MUSICAL

1. 1 out of every 5 friends is a fuckboy. If you can’t pick one out of your friend group, it’s probably you. But what is a fuckboy? Lucky for you, we’ll teach you all about them.

2. It’s a show written by women, for mostly women, or men who aren’t fuckboys. Or men who are, but don’t know it yet.

3. There are terrible pick-up lines scattered throughout the entire show so really, it’s also a master class in modern dating. You’re welcome.

4. If you like comedy, great music, and a story about empowerment through sisterhood, this show is for you. If you don’t like any of those things, then this show is about beer, football, and what it means to be a BRO. I think it’s safe to say we know our brand.

5. We have a blow-up doll.

FUCKBOYS THE MUSICAL is on Tues – Sunday 18-23 September at the Lithuanian Club

5 Good Reasons to see Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit

1. Your motive to attend: it’s Agatha Christie, improvised.

Enter Murder Village, set against a 1950s English backbrop, and populated by retired colonels, tea shoppe owners and vicars. There’s been a ghastly murder, and now there’s a mystery puzzle to solve – along with a cunning little old lady on hand to solve it. Expect red herrings, suspicious alibis and the occasional locked room mystery.

The catch? The performers are all making up the mystery on the spot.

2. The crime scene is populated by some of the best – and funniest – improvisers in Melbourne.

Between the clues and the bodies is a heck of a lot of laughs. The cast features a cast from Melbourne impro favourites The Big HOO-HAA!, Impromptunes and Impro Melbourne, many of whom are coming off the back of successful Melbourne Comedy Festival seasons.

3. Witness the first Melbourne run of a show that wowed Brisbane audiences.

Murder Village first hit the stage in 2016 with a sold out season that had to have more shows added. The Creative Issue said it was, “Uproarious”, and that, “Trying to suss out the culprit provides never-ending fun”, while Scenestr called it, “A hilarious piece of theatre… we shouldn’t be enjoying murder so much”.

4. Suspect everyone as your votes select the victim and the murderer – but you still get to play the guessing game.

A secret ballot gives you your say in the story while preserving the mystery. Who wants to see a whodunnit when you already know the ‘who’? The cast will tally up your votes in secret so you’ll be guessing as long as the little old lady trying to solve the crime is.

5. Let’s face facts, no one writes them like Agatha Christie anymore.

So why try? Murder Village throws away the typewriter and uses your suggestions for telltale clues and nefarious murder weapons that will inform the twisting mystery plot. The closest thing to a writer in this show is you.

Murder Village is on at Fringe Hub: Arts House – Studio 1 from September 14 to 21

5 Good Reasons to See: Michael Shafar – A Work In Progress

1. It’s a Work In Progress show, which means it’s all new material!

2. It also means you’re in charge of whether the material gets used again. If you laugh, the jokes live another day. If you don’t, the jokes are euthanised. You have the power!

3. All of the new material is very raw, very personal and (mostly) very funny. If you’re into dark comedy, you’ll have a good time.

4. The show is at The Lithuanian Club, and according to my contract Michael is not allowed to make jokes that glorify the Soviet Union. Let’s see if Michael can adhere to that very clear clause.

5. Opening night tickets are only $15, for those of you who want to see the show at its rawest and cheapest.

Michael Shafar – A Work In Progress is on at The Lithuanian Club Sept 14 – 21