5 Good Reasons to see Lessons with Luis – Famoucity

Hello I am Luis from Lessons with Luis thank you for including us. We would love to be a part of ‘5 Good Reasons’ as well

Here are Luis’s 5 Good Reasons:

1 – The show is a 2-for-1 deal! It’s educational AND a comedy show. That means you get to learn information on all kinds of topics AND you get to laugh at the funny jokes. What a bargain!

2 – It’s a family and friend-friendly stage play. There are no rude swear words in it, so you can bring your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins or young people with you. We have amazing dance numbers that my dad choreographed to keep them entertained.

3 – You will get to see famous faces like Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise and Britney Spears. (My dad said I should also say the faces are printed from the internet and stuck onto cardboard in case you come and get upset for not seeing Michael Jackson)

4 – Mr Bianchi, my Spanish neighbour, is acting in it too because he wants to become a professionable actor. He says he is like Antonio Banderas crossed with Don Burke. Please email me if you would like to put him in a movie.

5 – There are cats in it.

Have an excellent week.

The award winning Lessons With Luis are performing Famoucity for 5 nights only at The Butterfly Club

Show times are as follows:
Thurs – Sat 7PM
Wed & Sun 6PM

5 Good Reasons to see Wordgasm Smackdown

5 Good Reasons to see… Wordgasm Smackdown

1. Because it’s free, it’s furious and it’s fourteen flavours of fun

2. Because a little verbal blood-letting is good for the polysyllabic soul

3. Because nobody throws down like a word nerd who has just finished krumping to Busta Rhymes

4. Because a Friday night out at the Fringe isn’t complete until you’ve become part of a baying crowd with an ice-cold beer in your hand and a killer instinct in your heart

5. Some of Melbourne’s best alternative comics, poets and clowns, a killer soundtrack of thumping hip hop and some of the most inventive dissing this side of the beyond? Word up

Wordgasm Smackdown is a verbal Comedy Fight Club Curated and Directed by Poet Laureate Telia Nevile

It’s on at The Tuxedo Cat at 10.55pm on Fridays during Melbourne Fringe

5 GOOD REASONS TO SEE CRAIG HILL, Angus Brown and 50 Shades of Gravey


So you can say you’ve seen a dancing Scotsman in a red leather kilt with a spectacular entrance!

Every night’s a different show! So it’s fun to be there on the night something special happens…like when I found a man who was an ‘artificial pig insemanator’ or like last week when a lovely homely blow dried granny came out as lesbian and gobsmacked the audience!

I only come once a year! To Melbourne that is…

It’s in The Famous Spiegeltent! Probably one of the loveliest venues you could play in. It’s got ‘Night Out’ written all over it!

Because me and the audience have a riotous laugh together and I’d feel awful if you missed out! Come join us! Can’t wait!!!! X

Craig Hill will be performing at The Famous Spiegeltent at Arts Centre


5 Good Reasons To see Angus Brown – Mania

1 It’s at The Forum, which is seriously one of the greatest theatre’s in the world. And it’s in the Carpet room, so you know the show is going to be “plush”, so hot it “burns” and several other puns about carpet.
(*Note, there are no jokes about carpet in the show)

2 Erotic Murder, She Wrote fan fiction.

C I will give away a prize. Every night someone in the audience will win something and get to take it home! And it’s something good. And useful.

4 Climate change. There is a good chance that we’ll all be underwater in a few years and jokes will be less funny when the punch-line to everything it “blub blub blub” so you should come and see my show now while it’s still funny and dry.

5 It’s silly. And it’s fun. And it doesn’t hurt anybody. I just want us all to have a good time, we’ll tell some stories, have a few laughs and at there will be dancing and maybe confetti.

Anugus Brown will be performing in the Forum Theatre – Carpet Room


5 good reasons to come and see “50 Shades of Gravey”! 

1. It’s a rockin show

2. There are 2 puns used

3. It’s got a catchy name

4. We play instruments and sing (at the same time)

5. We like people coming to see us, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy

50 Shades of Gravey is on at Word Warehouse


11 Good Reasons to see both sessions of Splendid Chaps 4 Tom Baker / Comedy.

Here’s Five Good Reasons To See Splendid Chaps. Only we did Eleven, to match the number of Doctors…

11 Good Reasons To See Ben McKenzie & John Richards Splendid Chaps
(one for each Doctor)

1. It’s Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary this year, and Splendid Chaps is basically a birthday party. Who wouldn’t attend a 50th birthday party? Some kind of monster, that’s who.

2. If you love humorous yet well-informed and thoughtful discussions about Doctor Who, this show is for you, probably. If you like the phrase “nerdy Tonight Show”
you’ll like Splendid Chaps.

3. It’s also a podcast recording, so your enjoyment will be immortalised forever. Future generations – and your friends right now – will be jealous every time they hear your laugh and will be reminded of the emptiness of their own lives.

4. Splendid Chaps: A Year Of Doctor Who has topped the iTunes Film & TV podcast charts, and sold out previous shows. So they’re a safer bet than your cousin’s friend’s show with the made-up quotes on the poster.

5. Speaking of which, Doctor Who archivist Andrew Pixley called Splendid Chaps “tremendous fun”, Time Out called it “a smash hit” and the Bigger On The Inside podcast called it “semi-professional”.

6. The chaps behind Splendid Chaps are comedian Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, “patron saint of geek comedy”) and writer John Richards (ABC1’s Outland, Boxcutters podcast). They were born to do this.

7. They are joined by co-host and factmeister Petra Elliott (Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour). Listen to Petra and you’ll actually learn stuff. This show will make you smarter. And smarter is sexier.

8. There’s fabulous guests! ABC3 Steam Punks host Paul Verhoeven and JJJ/Rove’s Dave Callan will talk about Tom Baker in show one, and Fox FM/Outland’s Adam Richard and a super special UK guest (who we can’t name) will be discuss the role of comedy in Doctor Who in show two.

9. There’s fabulous prizes! Thanks to BBC on DVD there’s a door prize where you could win a shiny disc (possibly Shada, or The Ark In Space – Special Edition!).

10. There may be a Dalek.

11. Like any good Tonight Show, they always end with a song. DO YOU END WITH A SONG? No. Case closed.


Both sessions of Splendid Chaps (6th and 13th of April) are on at Trades Hall – New Ballroom


5 Good Reasons to see Bart Freebairn, Wrongtown and Jared Jekyll

5 Good Reasons to see Bart Freebairn: The Age of Wonder

1. We were all kids once and our lives were full of interesting wonderful things. It could be fun to touch on that time once again.

2. Bart has a nice haircut and is rather handsome

3 Bart has consistently gotten great newspaper reviews and private messages from the queen. Find out his secrets.

4 This show has just come from a sold out season in Brisbane. There were no spaces left!

5 You could learn how to lucid dream.

Bart Freebairn is at the Spleen Bar


5 Good Reasons to see Wrongtown:Population You!

1. It’s where you belong

2. There’s no place like home

3. After you’ve laughed your tits off, you can buy a pair of Boob-ease

4. In Wrongtown we celebrate all things

5. “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go, Wrongtown

Wrongtown is on at The Tuxedo Cat


5 Good Reasons to see Jared Jekyll – Loony Bin

1. Shenanigans

2. Beatboxing equipped with Loop Pedal action

3. A Magic Trick that features a lot of rude words

4. A talking Parrot

5. I like counting

Jared is performing at Word Warehouse

5 good reasons to see Harley Breen, Never Say Always and Rodney Todd

5 good reasons to see Harley Breen -Some Kind of Something

1. I have a child and need to feed it.

2. Brisbane thought it was funny and you wouldn’t want Brisbane to get
something that you don’t, now would you Melbourne?!

3. It has four wanking jokes in it and a message about Human rights. Cutting
edge shit!

4. My venue has a stripper poll in it. Classy!

5. Seriously my kid needs to eat.

Harley’s show is on at The Portland Hotel in the Portland Room


5 good reasons to see Never Say Always 

1. Because you saw From Arsehole to Breakfast and you just HAVE to know what happens next. Who shot JR??

2. Because you support same-sex marriage (and you’ll get the warm fuzzies from this show)

3. Because you DON’T support same-sex marriage (and you’ll be challenged by this show)

4. Because you need a bloody good laugh and appreciate a bloody good cry

5. Because you support local writers, local producers and local actors

Never Say Always is on at Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, Brunswick


5 Good reasons to see Rodney Todd in Arguing with Seagulls 

1. The flyer is so well made and informative. Imagine how good the show will be?

2. It features the award winning comedian Shane Matheson!

3. You have the chance to win a prize at the end of the show

4. You’ve once argued with a seagull and you thought “Those pesky seagulls! If only someone had a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show called Arguing with seagulls I’ll see that for sure.

5. It’s on early so you can see it before you have a Masala Dosa, laksa, bucket of dimmies, interesting burrito, pad thai pie, nasi gorgeng dinner.

Rodney Todd is arguing with his seagulls at GERTRUDES brown couch