5 Good Reasons to go to St Ali to see Jack Druce, Ross Daniels, Brad Hearne, The Classic Tale of Faust and Rob Lloyd.

This is St Ali’s first year as a Comedy Festival venue and they are jumping in with gusto. St Ali is the venue for ten official MICF shows  and seven of them will include at least one night with an Auslan interpreter. Their late night shows under the umbrella of ‘The Late Night Percolator, have a sophisticated Melbourne comedy in a cafe kind of vibe, but also sound like a hoot! They include The Comedy Manifesto Reunion night, musical comedy, kareoke with comedians, trivia, burlesque and a puppet night. It’s a venue run by performers and I urge comedy fans to support them in their venture away (but not too far away) from the CBD.

5 Good Reasons to go to the venue St Ali

1. We feature internationally renowned 5 star and green room award nominated artists

2. We have parties every night from Tues – Sat where our cafe doors open to the public with free shows and awesome DJs

3. It’s an Artist Run Initiative, so we do our best to support our artists in as many ways as we possibly can

4. You can drive there easily and PARK around the corner for free after 6pm!! A novel concept. Alternatively, we’re an easy tram ride.

5. We’re actually funny, we like to dance, our heart is in exactly the right place, and we’re inviting you into our little nook to play with us.

Learn about all that is happening at St Ali at The St Ali Comedy website.

If you need any more convincing, consider the following:

5 Good Reasons to see JACK DRUCE – INTROVERT DEF JAM 
Jack Druce

1.  If you see a show out side of the Town Hall area you don’t have to be hounded by people flyering you, this means you have a pleasant walk out, and comedians have their self esteem crushed.

2.  My show is called ‘Introvert Def Jam’ and Involves a lot of ranting about StarWars and also at St Ali is Rob Lloyd doing a show about Dr. Who, So you could line up a perfect nerdy Comedy Double bill.

3. This is the first time this has happened, if this grows to be the biggest, coolest, comedy place in town, then you get to be the hip and trendy person who say’s “ohh, yea… St. Ali comedy I went there back in 2012… no big deal.’

4. Go there before the show to enjoy world class food and coffee

5. It always bothers me when a comedy night advertises its self with things external to the performance its self, like bar deals and venue stuff. The only real reason you should come and see a show at St Ali is that they have a picked spectacular line up of unique and talented comedians and you will have a really fun time.


5 Good Reasons to see ROSS DANIELS – PUNKED
1. If you missed it last time, or even if you didn’t, here’s your last chance to see my acclaimed one person show in a special encore season.

2. It’s made up of not only stand up, but story telling, characters, improvisation and real drama.

3. You’ll witness the birth of punk rock in a very cool [as in hip not uninsulated] venue.

4. I zip around the stage transforming into punks, evil cops, Molly Meldrum, my grandparents, former Queensland premier/dictator Joh Bjelke-Petersen, myself at age 15 and more.

5. You don’t have to be into punk, history, Brisbane or police to enjoy it. Audiences of all ages and locations [as well as the critics] have embraced ‘Punked’!

5 Good Reasons to see BRAD HEARNE – DEAF DEFYING
Brad Hearne

1. Given that there will be an AUSLAN interpreter for two of the shows you can come and see what rude words look like in sign language and then insult your co workers the following day without their knowledge.

2.Two words – Pity Vote, Australia has a proud tradition of championing people like me in the arts. Just look at every season of Australian Idol.

3.People are going to get a unique insight into what it’s like to be a partially deaf person in a hearing world. But it’s not just wall to wall deafness, because that would be weird…and really quiet. I also tell a funny story about getting a haircut.

4.If you come to my show it will validate my sense of self worth. Okay, so that one doesn’t do much for you,…but hey there’s always that karma thing.

5.MICF at St Ali – what could be better. There’s comedy, there’s caffiene, there’s late night shenanigans. It’s like spending an evening inside a really funny can of Red Bull!


1. possibility of free vodka

2. possibility of free easter eggs

3. Debi Rice’s new poem

4. Scott Gooding in a Tux

5. support art made in collaboration with communities


5 Good Reasons to see ROB LLOYD – WHO, ME???
Who Me?

Five!?! Ha…I can give you ELEVEN good reasons to see ‘WHO, ME’ at St Ali during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

1- Like the First Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ can be a little cranky but it does have a heart of gold.

2- Like the Second Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ is slapstick joy to watch but has a deeper side.

3- ‘WHO, ME’ is as stylish and classy as the Third Doctors frilly shirts and velvet jackets.

4- Like the Fourth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ isn’t as stupid as it seems.

5- ‘WHO, ME’ thinks a vegetable is an appropriate fashion accessory, like the Fifth Doctor.

6- Like the Sixth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ can be pompous and self important but only for a very brief time.

7- Like the Seventh Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ is enigmatic and controlling.

8- Like the Eighth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ has an exciting motorbike/ambulance chase (chase not guaranteed).

9- ‘WHO, ME’ loves to be dark and broody, like the Ninth Doctor.

10- Like the Tenth Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ appeals to ‘the ladies’.

11- Like the Eleventh Doctor, ‘WHO, ME’ thinks Fish Fingers and Custard is delicious.

And that would be one of the nerdiest promos for a show you will every read my friends!


5 GOOD REASONS TO SEE: The Extraordinary General Meeting, Max Attwood & Paul Culliver and Kai Smythe

Agenda item one: it’s an absurd and biting comedy

Agenda item two:  It features four performers and a multitude of characters

Agenda item three:  It’s being performed at the Tuxedo Cat, a fantastic hub for independent comedy

Agenda item four:  The show sold-out at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe, which is more than the families of the cast combined

Agenda item five:  No one needs to take minutes


1. We’re amongst the more handsome performers in the Festival.

2. Two comedians for the price of one. We’re both very different performers so if you don’t like one of us, you’ll probably like the other. (But really, you’ll like both of us).

3. Enjoying our show will let you know your opinions match those of reviewers.

4. On the right night we’re cheaper than going to the cinema.


5 Good Reasons to see KAI SMYTHE – BIG HAIRY FUN 

Kai Smythe – Big Hairy Fun

1. Because he is so attractive.

2. He may look like a scary homeless man, but he sings and dances like an angel.

3. If you see his show, he wont have to eat his own shoes for fear of starvation from poor ticket sales.

4. the show in fuses video and live action comedy making Kai a multi-disciplinary artist. This is particularly good for grant applications.

5. Did we mention how attractive he was?


Five Good Reasons to see: Damian Callinan, Wing Attack, Dirty Mimes, and ALASDAIR TREMBLAY-BIRCHALL


1. A comedy virus has run through the comedy community and all shows except for Damian Callinan in ‘Robinson Crusoe’ have been cancelled.

2. Damian was sensible enough to be inoculated

3. There is no risk to members of the general public as the virus only effects comedians

4. Damian is directing all proceeds from ticket sales to finding a cure for this heinous disease

5. ‘Accchheeewww! … Shit!’


5 Reaons to come see WING ATTACK in PANTS (Pants)

1.  PANTS – After last year’s comedy festival show ‘Wing Attack’ received much criticism in the press for failing to include any references to netball, the performers realised the need to be completely honest in naming this show and to deliver what the title promises.  This year they can promise pants. They really can.

2.  (Pants) – Very few other shows at the comedy festival have explanatory parenthetical clauses in their titles that merely repeat the title in italics.  This one does.  Who doesn’t need more explanatory parenthetical clauses in their lives? Nobody?  We thought so.

3.  A systematic deconstruction of the medium of sketch and its reassembly into a fully functioning robotic vacuum cleaner – Who amongst us has had it up to here (gestures to neck level) with sketches set in the cliched scenarios of doctor’s surgeries, restaurants, doctors in restaurants, restaurants in surgery and training days at meat packing plants?  What, everybody?  Oh … damn.  This show contains at least 5 sketches set in doctors surgeries.

4. Satire – this show will lampoon and parody some of the key issues facing you today, assuming that you are currently facing a doctor’s surgery, a restaurant or a meat packing plant, and that you confuse ‘issues’ with ‘buildings’.  It will also be the first show to finally take the ancient Greek philosopher ‘Thales’ to task for his frankly stupid theory that everything in the universe is made out of water.  About time! (we hear you cry)

5. None of the above – We were joking about all of the other reasons.  The real reason to come and see this show is because it will make you lol.

5 Reaons to see DIRTY MIMES

1 We have home made prosthetic Nipples

2 The most wildly physical show in the festival

3 Bad Pussy

4 I give birth to myself nightly

5 You won’t be comfortable but you’ll be happy




1. You haven’t heard of Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and you are a
person who likes to try new things like watching standup by guys
called Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall

2. You might think that the world is amazing but are desperately
looking for an excuse for why that may not be the case. There’s a bit
in this show about exactly that!

3. You know how people say that life is too short? Well it’s not, it’s
really long and really dull and you need to fill it with content like
my show cause it takes way more energy to create your own content
(trust me).

4. Just come and see my show.

5. Look, the show is now a compilation of all the best stuff I’ve done
over the last few years, I think its original, funny and thats all
that it is, there isnt a third thing that it also is.



Five Good Reasons to See: Lessons with Luis, Elbowskin, Gordon Southern & Die Roten Punkte

Five good reasons to see LESSONS WITH LUIS PRESENTS

1. My dad, my little brother and me just won the the Victorian Raw Comedy final with our funny jokes.

2. My dad is not feeling well and we need to be famous to help him get a new kidney.

3. I will teach you about different things and you will learn about different things.

4. I will sing fun songs! There will be a song about cats, because I love cats.

5. My mum will be proud of me from heaven.



Five good reasons why ELBOWSKIN’S – ‘HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE’ is a must!
1. “It’s Elbowskin’s greatest achievement to date… They just got
really good” – reviewer

2. Elbowskin are unleashing their debut hip-hop performance

3. We told our mums we’re really famous and that we’ll be playing to
sold out audiences… And they’re actually going to come this year….
+ it’s really cheap.

4. What you thought was right is wrong

5. What you thought was left is actually stage right




1. It’s the entire history of the world, with jokes, in an hour. You will not find a faster comedy show, or one with more jokes/ facts/ tiny historical raps.

2. A brief history of history is a must see for all people who remember the past. History is literally in the title of the show… Twice!

3. I’m a good comedian.

4. It is a multi- media extravaganza from the 1990’s. There is a battered old digital sampler from the early days of big beat dance music, a powerpoint presentation and a comedian who was also a comedian in the (late) 90’s.

5.  Some people saw it in Adelaideand it made them happy.



Five Good Reasons to see DIE ROTEN PUNKTE – EUROSMASH!

1. These are the last gigs Otto and Astrid are doing in Australia before they head off for another long tour in north American.

2. Astrid has a new song called Body Slam about wrestling, food and sex. She also has an incredible new silver dress!

3. There’s more choreography than ever before.

4. Otto has a new song about a date he went on inNew York called Look at my Fruit.

5. It’s in the most beautiful venue at the festival, The Famous Spiegeltent.



Five Good Reasons to go to Rue Bebelons to see Neil Sinclair, Victoria Healy and Cam Marshall

For casual Festival goers it is easy to think that The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is all about The Town Hall, but to serious comedy fans, we know there is some fabulous comedy happening in smaller venues all over Melbourne. Rue Bebelons is a groovy little bar just off Swanston st and the performance space is out a side door and up some outside steps that leads above the building next door. Last year it was the venue for Victoria Healy’s debut show For The Experience, this year they are hosting three new productions, Victoria is doing a new show ‘Independent Women Part 2’ about growing up in the 90s, Cam Marshall is talking about being a dad and his own dad in Father, Father and Neil Sinclair… Neils Electrics Neils Electrics…sorry, is back from over a year in the UK with a show that talks about living through the London riots last year that unsurprisingly called Panic! Here are five good reasons to see them.


1. That’s easy! Beyonce, Shania, Fergie, Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls!!!!! Need I say more? Only the best for my audience.
2. Oh more? Well how about this? It’s a perfect way to kick off a girls night out. A couple of cocktails with the girls downstairs, then see a great show about the female pop anthem of the late 90′s & early 2000′s. Then finish off the night reminiscing about Y2K, leopard-print onesies, Lois & Clark and what you did under
the influence of Girl Power.
3. But it’s not just for the girls. Guys have enjoyed this show plenty, when it was performed at sell-out shows at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe and most recently at the Inaugural 2012 Fringe World – Perth.
4. Also, it’s got a story! Like, with a beginning, middle and end. Expect to be taken on a journey of discovery: learning to become an Independent Women.
5. And finally, come see for yourself the comedienne, Victoria Healy, who’s been called many things including “…an excellent comic characters actress” – ChortleAU, “…dances around like a drunken uncle…” – West Australian and “File this lively new performer under ‘one to watch out for’” – RHUM,



Five Good Reasons to see NEIL SINCLAIR IN PANIC!

1. It’s a first hand account of one of the most significant events in the last 10 years… except maybe the Arab spring or Gadaffe being overthrown. So maybe it’s a first hand account of one of the most significant events that’s even been turned into a stand up comedy show, in the last 10 years.
2. It includes the song “Neils Electrics”
3. It’s the only show in the festival with sock puppet karaoke.
4.I will be saying this joke: “Laminator, a robotic sheep that covers paper in plastic… and cannot be stopped.”
5.It will teach you the basics of crisis management: Panic, and make sure those around you are doing the same.



Five Good reasons to see CAM MARSHALL IN FATHER, FATHER:
1. It’s an entertaining story with jokes about my dad but not dad jokes
2. It’s a compelling tale with jokes about being a dad but no references to nappies
3. I compare being a 70s child to a child now without the need to reference Atari or Nintendo Wii
4. It’s a great opportunity to deal with your daddy issues for only $15
5. A 7.00pm start means you’re not out late on a school night!


Five Reasons to See Justin Hamilton, Story Time, Josh Earl, Jonathon Bennett and ARBITRARY MONIKER.

Justin Hamilton
1. It will be the final solo MICF show I will perform for the foreseeable future.

2. The show is my favourite type of MICF show that combines my love of stand up with a theatrical bent.

3. If you like your shows to have an emotional arc then this is the one for you.

4. If you were a fan of shows like Three Colours Hammo, Goodbye Ruby Tuesday and Purple Cows you will be in for a real treat.

5. I’ve taken some chances with this show, especially the ending.  It is feeling like the most satisfying show I have written.



1. You get to drink milk. (Alcohol is also available – but not for free like the milk)

2. Our show has a morals, a moral and general morality

3. See us now before we make a video aboutafricaand become really famous.

4. You’ll laugh til the milk comes out of your nostrils

5. You can prove how good you are at making Paper Aeroplanes.



Five Good Reasons to see JOSH EARL IS XXX
Josh Earl
5. XXX refers to Roman Numerals not pornography,

4. In my show I defeat racism (well one racist, but still, one small step for man…)

3. I have a song entirely about the politics of Scrabble, if you like Scrabble or its cheaper cousin Words With Friends, you will like my show

2. If you saw my show three years ago (XXVII) this is a somewhat sequel. It’s a bit like 7 Up (the movie not the drink) with a much smaller budget

And 1. It contains (partial) nudity (in a tasteful way*)

*This depends on your definition of the word ‘tasteful’



Five Good Reasons to See JON BENNETT – MY DAD’S DEATHS

1. This show contains truths, emotions, real themes and bad poetry.

2. It also contains feelings of shame, fear and sadness.

3. This show contains no ‘gags’. (Ok, there is possibly one ‘gag’. See if you can spot it.)

4. This is not a ‘stand up comedy’ show.

5. This is a story about a man who has died…   More than once.



This is The Zodiac speaking…

1. Film/Heavy Metal references (see above)

2. My lanky frame can provide amusement even when the jokes do not

3. I have a partner in crime. (Hi Lynn!)

4. I promise, no Irwin jokes this year*

5. It’s DEFINITELY finished. Definitely.

See you there!

*Unless Bindi dies, obviously.