5 Good Reasons to See Lisa-Skye in Songs My Parents Taught Me and Art, Sex and Snacks

5 Good Reasons to See Art, Sex and Snacks at MFringe 2013

1. Every night a hand-picked selection of the most fascinating emerging & established practitioners from all artistic disciplines come together to discuss their artistic practice. And sex. And snacks.

2. Bring the questions you’ve been dying to ask artists. With Mr Lisa at the helm, expect controlled chaos and a controversial education.

3. At last year’s sessions we discovered:
– The disgusting favourite late-night treats of puppeteers

– Stranger-than-fiction secret sexual lives of dancers

– The beyond-a-joke drafting process of comedians

– What one of Australia’s top burlesque stars considers ‘comfort food’

– How award-winning actors ‘unwind’ after a long season

– And hilarious anecdotes combining them all from one of Australia’s biggest rock stars.

Who knows what we’ll reveal this year?

4. Discover the fascinating voices behind Melbourne Fringe 2013, while finding out the unmissable shows of the festival.

5. Hidden in the depths of cool-kid hangout of choice, Tuxedo Cat, this promises to be a show that goes there. And everywhere else.

Art, Sex and Snacks is on at The Tuxedo Cat – The Wild Pony at 10.45

5 Good Reasons to See Songs My Parents Taught Me  at MFringe 2013

1.It received unanimous good reviews in its sold-out Comedy Festival season so it’s bloody objectively bloody good.

2. Lisa-Skye has a whole bunch of new shirts. Oh, and has just come back from a kick-arse Edinburgh Fringe run. After which she bought a bunch of shirts. Well, 3 shirts. They’re heaps green and cool.

3. The script supervisor on this version, Cam Rogers, WRITES VIDEO GAMES for a living. Can you expect more strafing? Yes. Fewer jokes? HELLS NO HE’S FUNNIER THAN MR SKYE EVEN.

4. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the sinful life of the average 70s twenty something juxtaposed with the ridiculous life of a modern-day hedonist dickwit.

5. For real, Lisa-Skye is totally maybe not out of your league.

Songs My Parents Taught Me is on at The Tuxedo Cat – The Jackle at 8.15

Melbourne’s foremost Goth comedian is putting on two shows at The Tuxedo Cat, her own and a late night interview show so there’s double the opportunity to bask in Lisa-Skye’s corset clad awesomeness at Melbourne Fringe.

Five Good Reasons to See Lou Sanz Speaks Easy

Five Good Reasons to See….Lou Sanz Speaks Easy

1. It starts at 9.15pm (except Sundays 8.15pm) – which means if you’re organised (naturally the onus is on you) – you can catch dinner and a show!

2. It’s a show about a show…so (draws long bow….) if you like ’30 Rock’ you’ll f**kin love this.

3. My boyfriend directed it. So you never know, the show could end with lots of sex or death…or both…at the same time.

4. I was once on Double Dare, yep I was a child star, Australia’s answer to Carrie Fisher…this is that story.

5. My last show Neverending Storage took out the Critics Choice Award at the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2012…this is not that show.

Sex and Death at the same time, sounds very Jacobean! Should be a fun night
Lou Sanz Speaks Easy is on at The Loft Lithuanian Club  9.15pm


5 Good Reasons to see Victoria Healy Presents We ♥ Comedy

5 Good Reasons to see Victoria Healy Presents We ♥ Comedy:

The Variety

Each night three 15 minute spots of impro, stand up and sketch comedy.
The Big Names

Jimmy James Eaton, Claire Hooper, Luke McGregor, Girls Interrupted, Lessons With Luis, Geraldine Hickey, Simon Keck plus loads more!
The Cheap Tix

Only $13 presale. $10 on the door
The Hostess

Oh stop it guys….shucks.
The Venue

The Imperial is the home of comedy at Melbourne Fringe. Cheap drinks for any ticket holders and participants.

Cheap Drinks? Surely you only need ONE good reason!  This should be a great way to get a taste of some really fabulous performers who are doing Melbourne Fringe this year and a lovely way to cap off a night at the Fringe.

We ♥ Comedy is on at The Imperial at 10.15 Tue-Thurs



1) 3 Little Gigs is back! 3 gigs! 3 comics! 1 show! The format was a smashing success at MICF this year with Sam Peterson, Nat Harris and Nick Quon. Now it’s back for Melbourne Fringe with an all-new line-up featuring shithot up-and-comers Arielle Conversi, Cam Tyeson and Rose Callaghan. Ripper!

2) Arielle rules. Rip-roaringly funny and an absolute karaoke fiend, Arielle is acerbic, engaging and altogether ace. Plus, she’s from Clearwater, Florida. Do you know what they make in Clearwater, Florida? Funny people and Scientology. So no matter which of the two she turns out to be, you’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of it.

3) Cam rules. Cam is a bloody tall man from Tasmania who carries a tinge of the ginge in his beardage. He likes football possibly a little too much and once appeared in an episode of the SBS game show Letters & Numbers. He lost to a badminton umpire. That bitter defeat has driven him to the stage to tell jokes for the approval of you, the most gracious and attractive audience.

4) Rose rules. Appeared on Triple J’s Debate Night and smashed Nazeem Hussain in a debate about hip-hop? Check. Created the #goslingwatch hashtag that sent the city into mild hysteria? Check. Slinger of c-bombs with surprising and impressive proficiency? You betcha. Rose is funny. Proper funny.

5) It’s cheap as shit. Here is a list of things you can’t buy for $15: Twelve litres of petrol. Jeans that fit properly. The love of a good man and/or woman. Here is a list of things you CAN buy for $15: A ticket to 3 Little Gigs, featuring short shows from three comics who will make you laugh in one of the best pubs in the city. Get into it!

A great way to check out three  up and coming comedians in one night and a great appetizer of bite sized comedies to start your night at the Fringe!

3 Little Gigs is on at The Imperial at 7pm

5 Good Reasons To See Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision

Here’s 5 Good Reasons To See Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision

1. It’s written by that guy that co-created ABC’s Outland and that guy from ABC’s The Bazura Project. You like those guys. They do good things.

2. It’s got jokes, but also pathos, drama and heart. It looks behind the kitsch and glamour of Eurovision to explore themes of failure, revolution, history and identity. Deep!

3. It has an amazing cast, including Green Room Award winner Marta Kaczmarek (Shine, The Circuit, Offspring), Nick Colla (Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Wicked Science), Chris Broadstock (award-winning impro performer, Bed Of Roses, Blue Heelers), Jack Beeby (Australian Shakespeare Company’s Twelfth Night, and known for his cabaret under the nom-de-plume “6” Uncut”), Noah Moon (better known as rapper Ca$h KRZMA), Angus Brown (acclaimed stand-up comedian) and Petra Elliott (musician, actor and host of live Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps). It’s directed by Lucas Testro (Channel 7’s Winners & Losers, 10’s Neighbours).

4. Half of it is set during the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. You don’t see that every day.

5. It includes a brand new 1982 Eurovision song (although this arguably might be a reason against. Please consult your doctor if pain persists).

Songs for Europe is a single show made up of two short plays, the first is called “Nothing” and the second is “Carnation Revolution” They have been written by John Richards (Outland and Splendid Chaps) and Lee Zachariah (The Bazura Project) so you know they will be funny and insightful.


While they’ve appeared on several podcasts together, this is the first collaboration between John Richards and Lee Zachariah- but why Eurovision?

Lee: That was my first question to John!

John: I love Eurovision! I love that while we always go on about the glitter and the kitsch – which is great – it also has this much darker side. There are so many real-life Eurovision stories that involve war, protest, and tragedy. One of the reasons they started Eurovision was to reunite nations that were at war only a few years previously. And then they made it a competition. Madness.

Lee: What won me over to the idea was when John told me about the 1974 Portuguese revolution that was basically kicked off by a Eurovision song. The more I read about it, the more desperate I was to tell that story. It’s really extraordinary.

Both John and Lee are best known as television comedy writers. John co-created and wrote ABC1 sit-com Outland, while Lee wrote and performed in The Bazura Project for ABC2. So why write short plays? And are they comedies?

John: I wouldn’t say it’s comedy. Well, not comedy comedy. It’s a drama with a high degree of wit. There are jokes, but you’ll also come away with some insight into the human condition. Or possibly just hungry.

Lee: I don’t believe that writers should be shackled to any single medium. The idea always comes first for me; then I have to figure out if it’s a feature script, a short film, a TV show, or a silly Twitter joke. It’s usually the last one.

Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision is playing at 7.45pm at  Broken Mirror Productions Upstairs (Level 1), 2c Staley St Brunswick


5 Good Reasons to see Aleisha McCormack in One of a Kind

1. With over 1 million ‘Only Children’ in Australia, One of Kind busts the myth of this new minority and gives you tips on how to play board games alone.

2. Teaches you how to not make THAT face when you hear your friend is an only child.

3. It’s directed by Julia Zemiro

4. It’s funny

5. If you don’t see it, Aleisha will throw a tantrum.

Aleisha McCormack is performing One of a Kind at 7.45pm  from 20th Sept in the Rehearsal Room at the North Melbourne Town Hall