1 – You are (a) Male or (b) Female

Do you fall into one of these two groups?  If so, there will be much you’ll relate to in Yianni’s show. Of course, we live in post-gender 2017 so you may not be sure.  If unsure, merely locate your birth certificate or passport.  If neither of these are available, just check which toilet you usually use.  Oh, wait, maybe don’t do that.  Either way, book tickets immediately.

2 – You’ve been gender judged

Are you a lippy woman (one who speaks), a bit of a poof (thoughtful), bossy (assertive), a poof (teetotal), a lesbian (rejected a man’s advances), a poof (didn’t want to go to the strip club), a ball breaker (assertive), a poof (cried at something) or hysterical (assertive)?  Come along and see society’s double standards eviscerated for an hour.

3 – You think the AFLW is a great idea

If you’re the sort of open minded progressive who nodded knowingly, turned up to (and was possibly turned away from) Optus Oval for the first match and has a Daisy Pearce tattoo taking pride of place amongst your ‘woke as fuck’ sleeve, you’ll be sure to find many of your opinions validated at 8:30pm daily (not Wednesdays, 7:30pm on Sundays) at Trades Hall.

4 – You think the AFLW is a terrible idea.

If you’re the sort of retrograde traditionalist who tutted angrily, watched the first match on Channel 7 just to be able to call it ‘Year 9 standard rubbish’ and has a Dane Swan tattoo taking pride of place amongst your ‘political correctness gone mad’ sleeve, you’ll be sure to find your worldview challenged at 8:30pm daily (not Wednesdays, 7:30pm on Sundays) at Trades Hall.

5 – To find out why pink used to be a boy’s colour.

Pink as recently as the 1920s was considered a boy’s colour.  But the idea of gendered colours is ridiculous.  ‘Pink’ or ‘Blue’ is when a specific amount of light is reflected and absorbed by a surface.  It can’t mean anything except what we make it mean.  Which means that we can change it.  If you’re sick of young girls invisibly guided into the servitude of princess and fairydom, young boys having dancing ‘manned’ out of them and toy stores gender segregated like a 1950s Alabama bus come along and Rosa Parks your bum on a seat.

Yianni Agisilaou performs The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen at Trades Hall.

For tickets and more information see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:

5 Good Reasons to see Tessa Waters: Fully Sik

1. If you’ve had a shit day and need an explosion of joy and non-stop lols on your face

2. If you like sequins and dance floor bangers

3. If you wanna see your house party ‘adventure’ from last Saturday night played out on stage

4. If you wanna make out with me (*not during the show obvs, but like in life and stuff, whatever it’s cool..no biggie)

5. If you like comedy that feels like; eating a delicious cake, followed by excellent sex where it’s hot but you also laugh with each other and feel really cool, capped off with a tequila shot and a fun and consensual smack on the bum.

Tessa Waters performs Fully Sik at The Greek Centre


5 Good Reasons to see: Across Australia and More!

1. It’s a showcase. With a rotating line up of different comedians you can watch the show twice or more and it’ll always be different.

2. Speaking of different…Across Australia and More! features comedians from around the world (from Germany to China to NZ) as well as interstate and local comedians!

3. The show is produced by Gamze Kirik who previously produced the very successful Comedy From Around the World

4. A late one! A show that starts at 1030pm you know it’s for cool people. Also if you’re already seeing a show why not cap the night of with another?

5. The venue is at the downstairs at Speakeasy HQ, the beautiful home of Vaudeville theatre in Melbourne

Across Australia and More! is playing at Speakeasy HQ on Thurs, Fri & Sat nights from April 6

For tickets and more info, see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:



1. Melbourne based comedy duo Innes Lloyd are back doing MICF! The pair hasn’t done a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show since Men of Your Dreams in 2015.

2 This year they are doing their own unique interpretation of legendary sci-fi/fantasy writer Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth!

3. You’ll be guaranteed Innes Lloyds usual high energy, fast-paced nonsense.

4. Their venue is the gorgeous Butterfly Club! Buy a drink and some snacks, enjoy the deliciously kitschy deco and then see Innes Lloyd.

5. Innes Lloyd promises this will be the ULTIMATE edition of the story…incorporating and referring to not only the original text but also every single film, TV miniseries, concept album, direct-to-DVD movie, failed TV pilot and cartoon series there is out there.

Innes Lloyd perform Journey to the Centre of the Earth! on Monday April 10th to 16th at 7pm at The Butterfly Club

Tickets available here: https://thebutterflyclub.com/show/innes-lloyd-jules-verne-s-journey-to-the-centre-of-the-earth

For more information see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:


5 good reasons to see Perri Cassie: Channel Perri

1. Perri had a completely sold out run at last year’s festival with his split show Simon & Perri Go Large – now he’s in a much bigger venue and panicking that his career peaked. HELP.

2. Channel Perri is a reflection of how he sees the world he’s barely paying attention to. He spends so much time looking at his phone at any given moment. He once tried to watch Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, a movie that runs at a total of 108 minutes – it took him 3 hours because he was too busy looking at memes and filming his dog listening to rap music. The show is a collection of things that actually made him look away from his phone, so they must totally be very funny and worth hearing about right?

3. He once thought about moving into political comedy but the hype became too much so he just stayed true to the real topics like the cost of berries and raising an ugly dog.

4. His jokes and gags have appeared on cult meme website Brown Cardigan no less than 6 times. Please don’t hold your applause.

5. He was once described by his peers as “possibly the most fashionable comedian in Melbourne” – which has no value really, it carries as much weight as being possibly the most famous person in Tasmania, the competition isn’t fierce and like not even your mum really cares.
He dresses like a young Dennis the Menace with the face of an adult Macaulay Culkin who isn’t living his best life, it’s worth admiring/laughing at for an hour.

Perri Cassie performs Channel Perri at 1000 £ Bend

For tickets and More information go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:



5 good reasons to see Michael Workman: Nothing You Do Means Anything

1. You have recently had a psychotic break, and you’re looking for a crowded place to ‘cleanse’ society of ‘thought stealers.’

2. You mistakenly thought this was the line for Stephen K Amos.

3. You couldn’t get in to Kitson.

4. You are currently a ghost haunting the theatre I’m playing in.

5. You are a ghost buster politely enduring my show whilst trying to catch the ghost that haunts the theatre I’m playing in.

Michael Workman’s Nothing You Do Means Anything is on at The Chinese Museum