1. “A charming, expert stand-up” (Sunday Times, UK) – If he’s an expert why haven’t I heard of him, eh?  Sounds like the sort of flimflam people come up with when they’re from overseas and just expect us to believe!

2.  “Consistently, dependably and utterly funny” (ThreeWeeks) – Too much! Sounds like the reviewer just wanted to get off with him if you ask me.  Unrealistic.

3. “A wonderfully funny view of the world” (Time Out) – That is the very least we should expect from a comedian. If he had a tedious view of the world we wouldn’t be talking.  Try harder.

4. “Makes it look easy” (Chortle) – Yeah but is that a good thing?  Maybe art should look difficult?  Maybe that’s how we know it’s art!

5. “A master of the form” (Independent) – WHICH FORM FFS?  Ballet?  Irish football?  Vacuuming?  Ultra Ballet?  Ultra double vacuuming?

Stuart Goldsmith performs Compared to What at The Greek Centre

For tickets and information go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:


5 Good Reasons to See Christian Lutz Living the Dream

1. It will make you laugh… a lot… and even snort, and maybe a little wee.

2. I won’t be personally serving you food, but you’ll swear you are at a BBQ, and listening to that one friend (that’s me!) that everything crazy seems to happen to and makes you realise how much better your life is.

3. Just think, you might miss my debut show at the MICF and I become the next comic-god.

4. I’m born and bred in Melbourne, was a State Finalist in the 2013 RAW Comedy Competition Perth and am now living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I’ve performed in front of crowds around Australia and internationally, but I’m excited to be in front of my home crowd in Melbourne, for the first time!

5. You may fall in love with me and end up with a dog, a fish and 2 kids. Stranger things have happened…

Christian Lutz Living the Dream for information see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website:


5 Good Reasons to See Squeaky Clean Comedy

1.  It’ll be “original and genuinely funny” – The Burn Magazine. That’s why we go to the Comedy Festival, right? Squeaky Clean Comedy has a strong track record of fantastic reviews, with respected and award-winning artists, so it’s pretty much a guaranteed pick.


2. It’s “a show that caters to all tastes”Comedy Beast. 10 comedians from across Australia will present everything from slapstick to dark and edgy, to spoken word poetry and puppetry.


3. It’s “excellent bang for your buck” – The Pun. 10 comedians, two and a half hours, for only a bit more than a ticket to a single show would be.


4. You get a bonus feel-good factor. Just by being there, you’re helping to raise awareness of the life-saving water and sanitation work that World Vision does overseas.


5. It’s clean. So you can bring anyone without fear of the awkward cringe factor. Our comedians take up the challenge to rely solely on wit, timing and delivery to make audiences laugh. So while they might push the envelope sometimes, you know you’re in good hands.

5 Good Reasons to See Matt Kilpa – Songs in the Key of Awesomesauce

1) You like fun? This show is fun. It’s so much fun, I can GUARANTEE that you’ll have copious amounts of fun!

2) I’ve been a PICF Next Gen Comedy finalist, RAW Comedy state finalist and three time Morley Primary School Egg and Spoon Race Champion. So if you’re impressed by awards I can GUARANTEE that this show will bedazzle you!

3) I can GUARANTEE that my show is the only show in the festival with a three minute song about phenylbarbitol.

4) I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that Matt Kilpa – Songs in the Key of Awesomesauce is on at 6pm, 12th – 23rd April at 1000 £ Bend and you can book tickets through the magic of the internet in mere picoseconds at https://www.trybooking.com/OIXX. No more weeks spent waiting for pesky telegrams!

5) I can COMPLETELY UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE that I have not discussed any of the above guarantees with my lawyer. I GUARANTEE she’ll be pissed!

For more information see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Website:

5 Good Reasons To See Dialysis Cat: City Crime Fighter!

1. It is the only show in this year’s Comedy Festival featuring a sassy crime fighting cat with chronic kidney disease.

2. We are fairly sure we can boast, without exaggeration, the tallest performer in the festival. The talented and adorable Isaac Jones is 7 feet tall.

3. You can have a delicious mouthwatering Babu burger downstairs before the show.

4. It has tap dancing, juggling and 80s rock classics. Possibly all at once.

5. Kyle McDonald is a star on the rise – so see him while you can still afford to!

Kyle McDonald and Isaac Jones perform Dialysis Cat: City Crime Fighter! at Babu burger

See the Melbourne International Comedy festival Website for details:



5 Good reasons to see The Cult of Comedy presents…

1. Musicians. Clowns. Wordmongers. More than just stand-up, all genres of comedy come here to shine.

2. A different line-up every night, with the best local and international performers. See snippets of their work and then go see the full shows of the ones you love.

3. It’s a cult. Everyone should join a cult once in their lives. This is the best cult. Better than all the cults. It’s tremendous. Believe me.

4. Point #3 was not inspired by the Trumpanzee. It’s just the truth. Not fake news. Just truth.

5. Joy. SO MUCH JOY.

The Cult of Comedy presents… is produced by Sameena Zehra & Lisa Skye at The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista

For further information see the MICF website: