5 good Reasons to See Sir Coco Yeah

1. We’re not normal

2. Someone associated to a friend of ours said the show sounded interesting when we explained it to them

3. We dance

4. Our hearts open to the audience

5. There will be no other show in the festival that will come even vaguely close to what we do or how we do it.

Sir Coco perform Yeah at Speakeasy HQ for info go to the MICF website

5 Good Reasons to see Liam Ryan: Well That’s Disappointing

1) He is ageing nicely. This is Liam’s fourth year doing a solo show at the Comedy Festival and like a good wine he is trapped in glass, chock full of alcohol and available for purchase.

2) In a world full of disappointment you deserve a show that delivers. Probably. Or maybe you deserve less than that. I’m not your biographer. If you deserve less then take this opportunity to treat yourself. Then set your mind to self-improvement.

3) Because he can play the flute. He doesn’t want you to know that because it’s embarrassing and a curly-haired man playing the flute is just saaad.

4) People who have seen his shows have really liked them and said they’re “a Comedy Festival nugget of gold” (**** Herald Sun) and “an hour of non-stop laughs from a performer that just keeps getting better every year” (Squirrel Comedy).

5) Liam is the best friend you never had. Or asked for. Or needed. Or want to drive to the airport. Or– he’s standing right behind me isn’t he?

Liam Ryan: Well That’s Disappointing is on at The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista April 11 – 23



5 Good Reasons to see Neel Kolhatkar #ObjectifyNeel

1) The show title is a hashtag – that’s pretty unique.

2) I’ve been told my impression of Triple J announcers is a killer.

3) I am playing at a place called Taxi Riverside – if that’s not a cover for an elaborate drug syndicate I don’t know what is.

4) I will probably be kicked out of the venue after calling it a drug syndicate and will need all the support I can get.

5) The show invites audience members to be interactive with me on social media.

Neel Kolhatkar performs #ObjectifyNeel at Taxi Riverside and Melbourne Town Hall Cloak Room, See the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website for the details:


5 Good Reasons to See Yummy

1. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful! 8 Award winning performers – a mix of drag queens, bio queens, and burlesque performers. What more could you want?

2. We’ve been chipping away at this show for a year and a half, but this version of it will be full realised with all of the best material polished to perfection.

3. One of our performers, Zelia Rose, just got back from touring with Dita Von Teese in the US, and our comedy Queen, Karen From Finance, is just about to head over on a massive tour of the US. Get in while you can!

4. Amidst all the sequins, feathers, and false eyelashes, there is some serious skill on show in this production. All of the performers are recognised as leaders in their individual fields.

5. YUMMY performed at the opening of Midsumma in Melbourne, and headlined a Mardi Gras afterparty in Sydney – clearly in demand! Get on board with the crazy momentum this show is building – it’s a sure fire hit.

YUMMY is on at The Melba Spiegeltent April 12 – 22

5 Good Reasons to see Michele Lim’s Hustle Bear: A True Story

1. Michele is a feel good comedian. Her humour is observational and quirky and she firmly believes in raising the bar to deliver smart, authentic jokes instead of depending on some expletive or crass imagery for the punchline. She loves and promotes comedy that reflects social issues but brings people together instead of pushing them apart.

2. She wants to be remembered as Awesome first, Asian second. Some Asian comedians always joke about being Asian, some females always joke about being females. But Michele is a mixture of a lot of different things (Malaysian, Hip Hop lover, Female, List maker..) Michele appeals to people on different levels, reflects the modern Australian way of life and rejects being pigeonholed as one thing (unless it’s “Awesome”).

3. She is a big fan of hip hop culture. And if you are too then this is a big reason why you’ll love her show. Lim quotes her ideal fans as being “nerdy hip hop lovers” and invites anyone who loves The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as much as she does to enjoy her show of comedy, stories and hip hop beats.

4. Michele sticking it to the man. She recognises that when male comedians are cocky it’s funny, but when female comedians are cocky – it’s perceived as bitchy, and that’s not OK by her. Michele is here to show females can be as lovably egocentric as males can be.

5. This is Michele’s debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, she’s performed two other solo shows at the 2013, 2016 Sydney Comedy Festivals both of which completely sold out before opening night. Her first gig was at the 2010 NSW RAW Comedy Competition where she proceeded to make it up to the NSW State finals and she strengthens her funny bone by being a regular contributor to SBS Comedy.

Michele Lim performs Hustle Bear: A True Story 11-16 April and 18-22 April at 12 Bourke St, Melbourne. For tickets and info go to the Melbourne International Comedy Website:  

5 Good Reasons to See The Lioness Peggy Babcock, Peggy Babcock, Peggy Babcock

1. Because we’re bringing Onesies back – if you want us to.

2. Because comedy.

3. “Hahahahahaha.” That’s the sound of you.

4. Three’s not enough?

5 ‘I want to see The Lioness because [fill the blank]:  _________________________________

The Lioness by Peggy Babcock, Peggy Babcock, Peggy Babcock is on at Tasma Terrace until April 8