5 Good Reasons To See Blake Everett Greatest Hit(s)

1. It’s a ‘Greatest Hit(s)’ show!

2. But, don’t confuse that with an actual greatest hits show, where an artist performs the best of their repertoire. This is not that, this is a brand-new show, and whilst I’m not denying that some of the bits could inevitably end up on my greatest hits album, they are currently not (as it does not exist).

3. In 2016 I was ‘king hit’ out the front of a Frankston cinema. “Oh, the title is beginning to make more and more sense now”, you say. And you’d be right to say that. “But, that doesn’t seem funny”, and once again, you’d be correct. It’s called pathos. It’s the crux of the show.

4. I respect the craft. If you respect comedians who respect the craft then you’ll definitely respect me.

5. I perform a unique blend of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy. It’s fast-paced and ever-changing, so if you’re not sure what your favourite form of comedy is, or you find yourself getting bored by an hour of talking, this show could be your true calling *ring ring* get your tickets, please.

Blake Everett performs Greatest Hit(s) at Tasma Terrace March 26-31 


5 Good Reasons to see Blake Everett – King of Nothing

1. Don’t.

2. I’m real good at humour. The above reason was an example of said humour. If you come to the show you will see more of that, and it will most likely be of a higher quality.

3. It’s a one-man variety hour (50 minutes). The show is a unique mix of stand-up, musical comedy and sketch, so there’s something for the whole family (except children – they will be scarred for life).

4. It’s more than a comedy show. There’s an underlying moral that revolves around the idea that it doesn’t matter if you’re the king of nothing, as long as you’re doing what you love, and I most certainly am. Now you’re probably thinking, that’s not funny, that’s awe-inspiring and kinda beautiful… and my response is; yes it is. In regards to worries about lack of humour, please refer to reason number 2.

5. Support the local scene. I’m a 19 year old Melbournian comedian. I’m the future of comedy. If you don’t come see my show I’ll probably give up and you’ll be the sole blame. Like yeah, go see Paul Foot too, I know I will… but also see me.

Blake Everett performs King of Nothing at Tasma Terrace from April 10

For tickets and information see the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website: