5 Reasons to see PAQUITO by Charisa Bossinakis

1. I promise to only use the word ‘woke’ once

2. You get to hear about the time I fled from an abductor in Cuba

3. My material is relatable (refer to number 2)

4. Every time you buy a ticket to my show, somewhere a fuckboi is destroyed

5. Does anyone know how to get red wine out of a white top? I know it’s unrelated, but I just thought I would reach a few more people posting on here rather posting on Reddit. I mean I did post on Reddit already, but only 1 person got back to me and said you can get it out with salt?? however, I tried and that didn’t really work. I don’t know if you can comment under this thing, but if so, please let me know. Also, the show is good fun!!


5 Good Reasons to See Charisa Bossinakis – None Taken

1. I play Cardi B at some point in the show

2. You get to hear about the time I almost got abducted in Cuba, never again will you get the opportunity to laugh at something so traumatic. Unless you see someone wearing Uggs publically, then I give you my blessing to laugh at them, but also cry at the dismal realisation that someone thought it was ok to wear those things of the house, maybe they thought it was a sexy moonboot? But then again a sexy moonboot is like a sexy Peter Dutton, there’s no such thing.

3. I’m performing at the Belleville and they have the best-fried chicken (sorry Colonel). Come for the deliciousness and the chicken as well!

4. I will show you my tits, and by tits I mean….

I hate myself for doing that

5. Buy a ticket and it’ll go towards feeding my German Shepherd, if you don’t, he will have no food. Also picture of him below:

Charisa Bossinakis – None Taken is on at Belleville Sept 24 – 30 (but not 29)