2 Girls, One Cup of Comedy – Sam & Helen

By Ron Bingham
2 girls 1 cup
This is a selection of shows from the fringe presented by Sam and Helen, whose show I had seen (in the same room) a couple of hours earlier. Our friendly hosts start the show by getting to know the audience with a little gentle banter, then they get down to business and introduce the first act of the evening.

Aideen McQueen gave me the line of the evening by describing the room as the inside of an obese gay man’s coffin which was surprisingly apt. Aideen was very funny with her tale of picking up a younger man through a simple vocal misunderstanding. She doesn’t appear to have a show at the Fringe (her name didn’t appear on the fringe search and I don’t seem to have a flyer for her).

After Aideen, we had the token male Sean something (he gave me a flyer after the show, but it turned out to be for someone else’s show. That’s not helping!). He told a few tales about being mistaken for Phil Jupitus (in bad light) and being heckled in the streets of Edinburgh by an emo (do emo’s still exist?) but he lost my respect when he started picking on Australians. His gauche attacks on the noble Australians were rebuffed expertly by the next act (with a little half time aerobics from out hosts between), Yve Blake.

Yve is a delightful Australian who’s website requests people to share their deepest secrets with her, which she then turns into songs. Yve only had the time to perform one song, about a young lady who was determined to lose her virginity for the bragging rights, and it was a corker. Another show to add to the ever-growing list of shows I’d like to see.

Following Yve was the final guest from the overflowing comedy cup, Amy Howerska, a Polish-Welsh Jewish redhead who brought the evening to a smashing end with some funny routines about her family and other mad people. I’m seeing her show today.

To summarise, this is a lovely fun hour of entertainment hosted by a friendly and engaging duo, featuring a ever-changing cast of guest artists from round the Fringe showcasing the best of their shows/material. The room was sold out on Wendesday so booking would be an excellent idea for those looking for a funny, comedian-packed end to the evening.

It’s in the Just The Tonic’s Wee Room.


Sam and Helen – Out There

By Ron Bingham
Sam and Helen
Samantha Baines and Helen Sorren are a funny and engaging comedy duo and it is not surprising that they are gathering a fanbase. Their comedy relationship reveals itself to be very competitive throughout the performance. This may (will) involve some audience interaction to help determine who get to wear the superhero pants at the end of the festival.

Out There consists of some competitions, a little individual stand-up from each lady and some more fun and games. The comedy isn’t as challenging as the title would suggest, and it’s not terribly hi-brow, but it is a fun and goofy hour of entertainment which will leave you with a smile on your face. One of the duo could possibly be stalking Brian Cox, but I wouldn’t wish to point fingers. Oh, alright, it was Sam. She even tried to learn some science just to impress him. It doesn’t seem like it’s all sunk in yet, though.

If you’re looking for an hour of fun and silliness, with a few high kicks and a bit of friendly chat from some talented up and coming comedians, then book a ticket for this show. Bring your dancing shoes.

Note that they are playing in Just The Tonic’s The Wee Room, which is through the same entrance as The Fancy Room, but the sign advertising this is hidden under some overhead flower baskets. The room is up a couple of flights of narrow stair and round some sneaky bends (I think you end up under the road somewhere) and it’s a little whiffy. Apart from that, it’s an excellent venue.