5 Good reasons to see The Cult of Comedy presents…

1. Musicians. Clowns. Wordmongers. More than just stand-up, all genres of comedy come here to shine.

2. A different line-up every night, with the best local and international performers. See snippets of their work and then go see the full shows of the ones you love.

3. It’s a cult. Everyone should join a cult once in their lives. This is the best cult. Better than all the cults. It’s tremendous. Believe me.

4. Point #3 was not inspired by the Trumpanzee. It’s just the truth. Not fake news. Just truth.

5. Joy. SO MUCH JOY.

The Cult of Comedy presents… is produced by Sameena Zehra & Lisa Skye at The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Previously Reviewed Shows

It’s nearly time for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!!!

Our tails are waggling excitedly as we plan our festival and the shows we will be seeing and reviewing for you. It’s a big 30th Anniversary and we’ll be enjoying a lot of the wonderful birthday events and exhibitions too.

As always to help you make decisions about which shows you should see at the festival we have a list for you of all the shows we have already reviewed so you can check them out.

Don’t forget to take a punt on someone you’ve never heard of, they might change your world and you, for making up an awesome audience, theirs.

Down the bottom of this article, I’ve listed some shows that have been cancelled.

Meanwhile here are some reviews we prepared earlier:

Christopher Welldon Christopher Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


Dave Callan A Little Less Conversation 3: Even More Less Conversation


Dilruk Jayasinha – Sri Wanka


Geraldine Hickey Winner!


I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders


Lauren Bok Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have a Burrito


Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden & Bert Goldsmith Radio Variety Hour


Lisa-Skye & Nick Caddaye Gentlemen’s Agreement


Little Dum Dum Club: Live!


Rama Nicholas in Mary Weather’s Monsters


Set List


Soothplayers Completely Improvised Shakespeare



Cancelled Shows

The following is the list so far. We will pop any more of these up on the ‘In Brief’ section of our site as they come in:

ACE Comedy vs Politics Gala Dinner

Funny Folks Have a Crack!

Squeaky Clean Comedy

5 PM Variety Show



Five Good Reasons to See Lisa-Skye: Spiders Wearing Party Hats

5. Skye’s been doing comedy since 2008 and she’s actually starting to get good at it.

4. This is the show she’s been asked to write for years, you magnificent Voyeurs of Strange.

3. In Adelaide a few people saw this show twice, and one person saw it THREE TIMES.
3.1 Skye just avoided the obvious joke about making you come again, because he respects you too much to go for the easy laugh.

2. Also in Adelaide, Skye made some artists way better than him weep with the pathos of it all.

1. She’s probably still not out of your league, ladies and others. Gentlemen: She definitely is, but she often needs distraction so there may be hope for you yet.

Lisa-Skye performs Spiders Wearing Party Hats at The Tuxedo Cat

For more information visit the MICF website


5 Good REASONS to see Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye are Gentlemen’s Agreement

1) Does your sense of humour confuse other people? Then do we have a show for you!

2) Gentlemen’s Agreement features two of Australia’s first comics together on stage for the first time. Except for that other time. But that was ages ago, and doesn’t really count.

3) What else are you gonna do, huh? Stay home and watch The Mentalist? What’s Simon Baker even up to these days? I hope we was well paid for those ANZ ads…

4) What happens when you put one of Australia’s weirdest stand-ups on stage with one of Australia’s finest sketch comedy writers? They struggle to remember their lines, is what. Bloody hell, it’s been a struggle…

5) It’s good. No, seriously. It’s funny and interesting and clever and not especially expensive. You should come.

Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye’s Gentlemen’s Agreement is on at The Tuxedo Cat til Sept 24



Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye are Gentlemen’s Agreement 

By Lisa Clark GentsAgreement

Lisa-Skye & Nick Caddaye could have named their show The Odd Couple, they are such a comical pairing. The older and wiser, grumpy Nick clearly has a love for and a great deal of experience with sketch comedy, Lisa-Skye has less experience in sketch but does a fabulous job as exuberant second banana to Nick’s uptight straight man. And does this show have bananas?! This show has bananas.

Lisa-Skye has been performing for several years and is a completely unique presence on the Melbourne comedy scene. As well as her own standup shows she’s been doing late night alternative chat shows or ‘Tea parties’ at The Tuxedo Cat, this has helped her become very relaxed on stage, experienced at bouncing well off other performers and adept at audience interaction. It’s great to see Nick on stage again since the demise of his first comedy duo Mr Al & Mr Nick and being the performer & mastermind behind the sketch troupe Anarchist Guild Collective. In recent years he has been concentrating on writing and directing, which has included The Fabulous Christmas Panto for adults The Terminativity and directing Rama Nicholas’ Death Rides a Horse and Lisa-Skye’s Song’s My Parents Taught Me. I remember thinking when I heard he was directing Lisa-Skye that it was a bit of an odd pairing, but obviously they saw the comic potential and decided to put on a show together, and joyfully, it actually works.

Despite the comical bickering and teasing, the thing that clearly connects them is their deep sense of political outrage and although it is mostly kept in the background, it is the backbone of the show overall. The few overtly political skits threaten to let them down, with all the changes and upheaval that have happened in our Federal government since this strongly scripted show was put together, but Nick and Lisa-Skye handle it beautifully still getting lots of laughs, while sympathising with their Fringe colleagues working on Abbott! The Musical.

A lot of the sketches are just delightfully silly mucking around, some food and a fake thingy are thrown about and there are a string of advertising sketches, the highlight being a father and transgender offspring selling pergolas that was so funny it had people nearly falling out of their seats and I found it hard to breathe. I suspect it will be the highlight of my 2015 Fringe.

It’s at Tuxedo Cat so you know it’s going to be unconventional and edgy. This also has intelligence and pizazz. Everything about this show is well thought through, including the lighting and sound which are well conceived and brilliantly employed.

A fabulous sparkly sketch show for grown ups at The Fringe.

Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye’s Gentlemen’s Agreement is on at The Tuxedo Cat til Sept 24


Lisa-Skye: Work Hard, Live Weird – A werk in progress

1. It’s the most sex-, queer-, kink-, gender-fluidity-, body-positive show of the fest. It celebrates all us glorious freaky-deaks, hedonists and weirdos.

2. It’s Lisa-Skye’s first solo show in over a year!

3. It’s FREE. It’s a work-in-progress trial show, so you’re pretty much getting in before her world domination tour of 2016.

4. It’s a god damn safe space for all of us to have some mother flipping fun. No picking on the audience, no interaction you don’t (literally) ask for.

5. Glitter and face.

Lisa-Skye: Work Hard, Live Weird  is on at the Tuxedo Cat 25-27 Sept 9.45