Patrick Miller’s Chaos

By Luke Simmons

The evening commenced with Patrick’s first character coming onto the stage providing a definition of chaos theory. From there, everyone at the Tuxedo Cat knew that they were going to be in for a crazy and unique one-man show.

Miller used a multitude of characters throughout the hour with each appearing on the stage in rapid succession. In terms of the key themes and storyline, it wasn’t made crystal clear to the audience with Miller keeping the audience guessing about what would happen next.

A central element of the plotline revolved around Miller’s body being taken over by a Spanish speaking spirit after becoming infected by a cactus. This was followed by a series of short skits which included Miller appearing on the stage as an overly friendly butterfly, an alien wizard and as an ocker Australian – and almost everything in between. Some of the characters and character play were clearly over the top and he employed shock value and absurdity to earn laughs.

No matter how strange things got, none of Miller’s punchlines resulted in silence throughout the room. In fact, he had the small room to full capacity and everyone seemed to have their favourite moments. The loudest laughs were reserved for a skit involving a character which resembled the YouTube sensation “Trent from Punchy” who mistook directions from his Father about how he was going to make his fortune in Western Australia. Miners love performance art don’t they?

The characters were performed brilliantly by Miller throughout the course of the show but the narrative seemed hard to follow for the uninitiated. Miller did finish strongly by re-introducing the alien wizard character who provided some thought provoking context to the story. In fact, he made his point crystal clear.

Patrick Miller’s Chaos is on at the Tuxedo Cat

5 Good Reasons to See Poet Laureate Telia Nevile’s Live On Air, Patrick Miller – Chaos and Boss Octopus @ MICF 2013

5 Good Reasons to See Poet Laureate Telia Nevile’s Live On Air 
1. If you’re a word nerd, this show will give you so many polysyllabic orgasms your toes will curl

2. If you love the West Wing, Story Corner’s latest instalment of the erotic fan fiction ‘The Best Ring in the West Wing’ will show you a side of Toby and Josh’s relationship you could only dream of (but once you’ve heard it, it’s the only thing you’ll dream of)

3. If the misuse of apostrophes or the use of text-speak in face-to-face conversation makes you want to set people on fire, this show is a good place to meet up with like-minded individuals

4. If you’re an outsider, or know an outsider, or aspire to be an outsider, Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is about to turn the amps up to 11 on behalf of outsiders everywhere – come along and give an almighty rebel yell

5. A beautiful turn of phrase is a joy forever, so a show like this, which is full of beautiful turns of phrase, is a joy forever x 1000 – come and ride the joy train!

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5 Good Reasons to See Patrick Miller – Chaos
1. I do a really sweet entry to the show in a helicopter, smash the roof open with an ice pick, and belay on stage, with no helmet on, which is actually quite dangerous, plus, in the nude, plus, on fire.

2. I eat a lot of fruit, but not during the show. Ok. A little bit during the show.

3. The show is about Chaos Theory, which just happens to be amazing.

4. This is my second solo show. The first one, in the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show sold out, and got a four-star review from the Age.

5. The first reason was a lie, and will probably not happen. But is still a good reason.

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5 Good Reasons to See Boss Octopus
1. If you do, we can forget that you were with that slut last week. What’s that? You work with her and it was a staff party? Whatever.

2. Because if you leave us this cute puppy might accidentally get hurt. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

3. You and us have been together since high school. We didn’t even get mad when you told all your friends about the time you fingered us behind the bike rack.

4. Because we’re pregnant. I know this isn’t the best time to tell you, but we were going to tell you before. Honestly.

5. Because we love you. Let’s never fight again. We should have a baby.

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