PO PO MO CO – Nosfer-ARSE-tu

By Samara Barr 

To describe Nosfer-ARSE-tu by PO PO MO CO (Post Post Modern Comedy) I would use the words weird, joyful, queer, and decidedly unexpected! Set your self up for a degustation of strange, hilarity, and frivolity.

Walking in to the Archive room at Melbourne Trades Hall you are greeted by a nurse and given a lollipop. This was just a taste of the delicacies soon to be presented to us. Before you is a glittering stage sparkling and enticing the audience for what is to come.

Taking us on a journey to a scary castle and involving terrifying Vampires the following hour dished up delight after delight. Nurse guided us through the tale of the Doctor on his Homosexual frivolous adventure with his wife trying to hunt him down. With plenty of dalliances along the way there’s bound to be an experience your taste will relate to. Fair warning to all Prudes and conservatives, there are multiple climaxes of the sexual variety.

Po Po Mo Co made excellent use of characterisation to distinguish between personas and their utilisation of props and costume was exquisite in conjuring the tale. While often nonsensical it remained grounded by each characters strong personality.

Pantomime was expertly employed to engage and encourage audience participation enhancing the experience and joy for the audience. Ooohing and Ahhhing through the show encouraged suspense and added to the tension in real time.

The jokes are not suitable for your Grandmas ears and Nosfer-ARSE-tu while full of delights isn’t a dish for everyone. If you like queer humour, Pantomime, Bums, then settle in and enjoy the feast PO PO MO CO serves up. The performance was unlike any I had seen before. It was weird, sometimes gross, definitely shocking, and a jolly good time!

PO PO MO CO Nosfer-ARSE-tu is playing at The Trades Hall until the 22nd of April.