5 Good Reasons to see Shane Matheson, Jenny Wynter & Elegant Heroin

5 Reasons to See “Shane Matheson and his Fabulous Singing Bucket of Gravel”

1.It’s AT LEAST the second funniest show with a singing bucket of gravel in the festival.

2.You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can get to the venue. I visited it carrying a bucket of gravel and it not only took ten minutes from the city, but a pregnant lady stood up for the bucket of gravel because it looked tired.

3.I’m giving away a free car* with every ticket

4.My tickets will be much more expensive next year because St Ali hasa knack for discovering great things, like that time they discovered Australia! (Sure, there were already people living here but that’s never counted before).

5.I’m a lovable kook.



5 Reasons to See “An Unexpected Variety Show”.

1. Because the 7 people who saw it last time it was in Melbourne (for the Fringe, where it ended up winning the Award for Excellence in Cabaret), cannot be wrong.

2. Because you simply cannot pass up an opportunity to bathe in cheesy 80’s dance references.

3. Because after sampling the incredible array of comedic talent on offer this Comedy Fest, you feel like trying something a little different on your palate in the form of an emotional roller coaster. Wheeee!

4. Because you relate to your life not having turned out the way you wanted (this show is all about the unexpected twists in life, from unplanned pregnancy to having your wedding interrupted by an elderly man wearing Speedoes.)

5. Because you get to come to the fabooshy Butterfly Club, which is an evening well spent even if the show sucks buttocks.



5 Reasons to See “Bosco & Jekyll – Elegant Heroin”

1. It contains a safe alternative to Auto-erotic asphyxiation .

2. A guy eats a lightbulb with his mouth hole.

3. Instruments featured include: Kazoo, Spoons & beatbox loopedaling.

4. 2 Sydney-based stand-ups who spent over $150 on petrol to get to Vic.

5. There are no references to social networking – that’s a HUGE plus!