Dr Brown – Befrdfgth

By Cathy Culliver

You may have heard of Dr Brown. You may have even had one or two friends recommend his show to you. But nothing will prepare you for actually witnessing this madcap genius in person for the first time.

Without wanting to give too much away and spoil the delightful spontaneity of Brown’s show, be prepared for physical contact and keep your personal items close to you. Apart from that, just sit back and enjoy the bizarre, hilarious ride.

Brown’s show Befrdfgth is as entertaining as it is unpronounceable, which is probably apt as Brown doesn’t utter a single word during the entire performance. For 60 minutes, Brown silently and unapologetically drags the audience, willing or not, through his warped, brilliant mind and the result is utterly hysterical.

Silliness abounds from the second Brown enters the stage, an act which in itself makes for one of the most memorable of the show. Who else could make the simple task of just coming onto a stage so drawn out and so damn funny? Who else would even have the thought to do so?

Again, to explain the show in too much detail would spoil the fun, but many parts are just too weird to even attempt to explain anyway. What is so brilliant about Brown is that no matter how strange things get, he takes away any desire to ask why. The audience becomes so engrossed in his strange little world of nonsense that soon enough they feel like they’ve become honorary citizens, desperate to stick around for as long as this crazy, hairy man will let them.

Brown brings his latest show to Melbourne following sold out seasons across the globe, and seeing him in action it’s easy to see why this silent master of mime has developed such a cult following. As surreal as The Mighty Boosh and as loveable as Frank Woodley, Dr Brown is certain to stick around for a long time. He’s clever, brave and utterly original.

This show is an absolute must-see during the festival, but just don’t forget about the physical contact. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Dr Brown – Befrdfgth is showing at Tuxedo Cat.