Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards!

With only one day of the Festival left it is traditional that on the final Saturday of the Festival Club awards should be awarded to many worthy recipients.

Here they are in the order that they were won.

The Funny Tonne was won by

JENNIFER LAW who saw 102 shows

The Bulmers People’s Choice Award went unsurprisingly to

Wil Anderson

Wil was not in Melbourne, so it was accepted on his behalf by Tom Gleeson who tried and failed to get Wil on the mobile phone. Tom was happy not to win the award in the shape of a giant apple saying “Why would you drink cider when beer exists”.

The Golden Gibbo which includes a magnum of cheap red wine and was named after Linda Gibson is awarded to brave and independant shows, this year it goes to:


Luis and his 15 year old brother Luelin collected it. Len, their dad was at home. Luis got the audience of the Hifi Bar to ‘Meow’ and shout ‘I love Cats’.

The Piece of Wood award is a piece of wood given to a comedian by other comedians and was established by Greg Fleet. It was presented by Greg and last year’s winner Harley Breen to

who joyfully bit into the small block of wood and will have their names written on it in pen.

The Directors Choice Award had a subcategory award for a childrens’ show this year and was presented by Susan Provan to

Dr BROWN & STUART BOWDEN for Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown: The Kids Show.

The Adult’s Directors Choice Award went to


Last year’s winner Michael Workman presented The Airport Best Newcomer Award which was a tie and went to two recipients:

Ronny Chieng and Matt Okine

The Barry Award for Best Comedy Show of the Festival was presented by 2010 winners Sammy J & Randy, to

Dr BROWN for his show BEFRDFGTH


In a side note, on the previous night an independent award by an Anonymous Benefactor called The Jhonesy Award was presented to

SHANE MATHESON and his fabulous singing bucket of Gravel. Shane & his bucket win $1,000 to help recoup their Festival Fees.


RAW Comedy winners: Lessons with Luis

Class Clowns winner: Aaron Chen

Congratulations to all the winners, the nominees and everyone who put on a great show at the Festival this year.
It’s really been one of the better festivals and we thank the performers for giving us some face achingly funny times.