5 Good Reasons you should come and see Dirty Thirties with Lady Melville and Rosie Rebel

Here are 5 Good Reasons you should come and see Dirty 30’s with Lady Melville and Rosie Rebel!

1) This is the only show in Edinburgh and potentially ever – to offer this juxtaposition – Two friends – An Aussie and a Yank, one with severe ADHD and the other borderline OCD, a blonde and a brunette, one with ten year’s experience and the other with 14 months –  come to Scotland for their first Edinburgh Fringe!

2) How do two completely different women from opposite sides of the globe maintain a lasting friendship? 3000 miles and separate continents! In their first festival venture together after gallivanting through the British countryside, cruising the Caribbean together, and  getting married – they’re at the biggest Fringe Festival in the World. There’s always bound to be Madness, Mayhem and Malfunction at a fringe, especially with these two! Will their friendship stand the test of fringe…?

3) An American Ivy League honours graduate and an Aussie masseur/teacher talk about all things 30, some good, and some just plain DIRTY! Stories of survival, love and unexpected presents feature throughout. Plus there’s a few very special surprises. Something for all palates; stand up, drag character, music, burlesque and more.

4) Erin and her new fiancee have a wedding to pay for, and Rosie has $80K of college debt to pay for and they blew all their savings to come and do the Fringe. If they fill their 50 seats at The Counting House every day for 25 days and each person contributes at least 3 quid, that could just about cover their costs. The probability of that happening, fuck knows. But of course that’s not why they’re here… just running the narcissistic rat race and pursuing this big dream.

5) This show’s got balls – FREE Gum Balls. Sponsor DANDYCANDY.CO.UK who sell scrumdiddilyumptious Retro Sweets are kindly supplying Rosie and Erin with a shitload of chewy that will be handed out before and after the show. Whether this will be a help or a hinderance to the show remains to be seen. Watch your step in Edinburgh folks, you may put your foot in something a bit sticky.

Dirty 30s is on at Laughing Horse@The Counting House