5 Good Reasons To See – Lincoln Daw in The Next Superpower

Lincoln Daw spent three years in China teaching English at a Kindergarden and he’s managed to garner enough material from his adventures for a comedic festival show.

Here are his 5 Good Reasons To See The Next Superpower at The Portland Hotel

1. If you’re a directionless bum, with no job prospects, no hope and no future, let a fellow directionless bum tell you about life in a country, where fluent English is a golden key to success.

2. Because China is coming, to build ghost cities. They build 10 of these per annum. Australia has the land…

3. In a prestigious Beijing Kindergarten, Lincoln Daw taught the next generation of leaders in China, the next generation of leaders in the world! He’ll show you how to kowtow.

4. Their choice of English names (ie “Gorge” “Cridge” “King”) would make an Aussie bogan turn purple.

5. A first hand account from a person who lived in China, and survived to tell the tale.


Lincoln Daw’s show  The Next Superpower is at The Portland Hotel details can be found at the Melbourne Fringe Website http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/the-next-superpower/