5 Good Reasons to see Madeleine Tucker – Olympik Phever

Madeleine Tucker has a new show at Fringe inspired by the recent Olympics – sorry Olympiks – Hoo Haa and these are 5 Good Reasons to see it.

1. We’ve built the World’s First Tarpaulin TV.

2. My dad features in it. He works at the tax office.

3. It’s got heaps of top tunes. Like ‘Race to the Race’ – about being late for your race at the Olympics – and ‘Artists and Cops’ – inspired by the Fitzroy police station.

4. It’s on at the Fringe Hub – surrounded by many other smashing acts.

5. Melbourne Fringe has just given us an extended season – that’s 7 more magnificent shows!!

As #5 there says, Melbourne Fringe has incredibly just extended the show for a second week!
This is a VERY last minute change so we are looking to spread the word as quickly as possible!

Madeleine Tucker – Olympik Phever runs until the 13th of October at The Lithuaniun club