5 Good Reasons to see Bradley Storer – BLOODLINES – A GOTHIC CABARET

This cabaret show of songs by Tom Waits, Nick Cave et al, sounds like a great way to prepare for Halloween! He refers to it as an ‘after-dark feast’, pity he has such an early time slot at this time of year! I’m sure he’ll make you feel the darkness anyway.

1. It has not been conclusively proven to be harmful to your health.

2. There will be blood… And cupcakes.

3. Because I’m pretty.

4. You have an equal chance of having a ukulele love song being dedicated to you as you do of being demonically possessed ‘Exorcist’-style.

5. Because I know where you live.

Bradley Storer is performing Bloodlines – A Gothic Cabaret at The Butterfly Club for four nights only from October 11th details on the site http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/bloodlines-a-gothic-cabaret/