5 Good Reasons to see Jason Chatfield, The Axis of Awesome & Blernshaw Comedy @ MICF 2013

Jason Chatfield- Stand Up Comic Strip Live.

1.  You won’t see anything like this in any other pub. Ever.
2.  If you like drawing, animation, cartoons or drawing animated cartoons, you’re going to LOVE this show.
3.  I do funny stories and me little skits that I’ve been working on for the last 5 years.
4.  Please. I need this.
5.  This is my first solo show. Then I’m moving overseas. It’s something of a farewell show.



The Axis of Awesome-  Cry Yourself a River

1. We didn’t start the fire
2. It was always burning Since the world’s been turning
3. We didn’t start the fire
4. We didn’t light it
5. We tried to fight it



Blernshaw Comedy

1. Audience participation in a show titled “So You’ve Decided To Host An Orgy
2. A five foot long rubber tentacle
3. Fabulous audience giveaways!
4. A lot of our sets are improvisational, so you will never see the exact same show twice
5. We’re actually presenting three different shows but are too cheap to pay for separate listings, so we will have a fantastic variety between stand up, theatrical and vaudeville, depending which week you come see us (or a three show pass is available)