5 Good Reasons to see Bart Freebairn, Wrongtown and Jared Jekyll

5 Good Reasons to see Bart Freebairn: The Age of Wonder

1. We were all kids once and our lives were full of interesting wonderful things. It could be fun to touch on that time once again.

2. Bart has a nice haircut and is rather handsome

3 Bart has consistently gotten great newspaper reviews and private messages from the queen. Find out his secrets.

4 This show has just come from a sold out season in Brisbane. There were no spaces left!

5 You could learn how to lucid dream.

Bart Freebairn is at the Spleen Bar


5 Good Reasons to see Wrongtown:Population You!

1. It’s where you belong

2. There’s no place like home

3. After you’ve laughed your tits off, you can buy a pair of Boob-ease

4. In Wrongtown we celebrate all things

5. “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go, Wrongtown

Wrongtown is on at The Tuxedo Cat


5 Good Reasons to see Jared Jekyll – Loony Bin

1. Shenanigans

2. Beatboxing equipped with Loop Pedal action

3. A Magic Trick that features a lot of rude words

4. A talking Parrot

5. I like counting

Jared is performing at Word Warehouse