$5 Comedy Variety Hour

By Luke Simmons

This night featured two performers on the bill and there was a packed crowd who assembled for some Sunday night laughs in St Kilda.

Angus Brown immediately charmed over the audience with his bellowing voice (the mic was out), style of storytelling and expansive visual gags. Many men in the audience could relate to walking out of a clothes shop with a confusing amount of items – thanks to the charm of the sales attendant/s. If you were a friend of his and happened to be in the audience that night, you’d never look at his cats the same way again too. He put on this impressive set to provide a taster for his “Angus Brown Mania” which he’ll be performing throughout the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This guy is very funny and oozes energy so check him out!

The night was brought to a close by Sheila Graham who is an up and coming comedian who originally hails from Ireland. She started with a little crowd banter which cleverly put the crowd on her side. We’ve all had or heard of shared-house nightmare stories and she managed to reel off a number of entertaining tales from her experiences in Melbourne. Graham also gave some interesting insights into the world of fetish porn proving she’s no slouch in the research department. To close, she brought the house down with her Muppets expose.

The Comedy Variety Hour is always going to be a bit of a grab bag with a mixture of new and experienced comics on the bill. The material of the night’s MC James Rose was definitely too dark/rank for the assembled audience but Brown and Graham did well to carry the load.

$5 Comedy Variety Hour at the Felix Bar