5 Good Reasons to see Wordgasm Smackdown

5 Good Reasons to see… Wordgasm Smackdown

1. Because it’s free, it’s furious and it’s fourteen flavours of fun

2. Because a little verbal blood-letting is good for the polysyllabic soul

3. Because nobody throws down like a word nerd who has just finished krumping to Busta Rhymes

4. Because a Friday night out at the Fringe isn’t complete until you’ve become part of a baying crowd with an ice-cold beer in your hand and a killer instinct in your heart

5. Some of Melbourne’s best alternative comics, poets and clowns, a killer soundtrack of thumping hip hop and some of the most inventive dissing this side of the beyond? Word up

Wordgasm Smackdown is a verbal Comedy Fight Club Curated and Directed by Poet Laureate Telia Nevile

It’s on at The Tuxedo Cat at 10.55pm on Fridays during Melbourne Fringe