5 good reasons to see Neil Sinclair’s Charmingly Useless

Neil’s 5 good reasons to see Charmingly Useless

1. It’s very funny… let’s cut to the chase here, funny is what we’re after.

2. It has a lot of jokes in it. I mean a lot… jokes like “I was eating a salad earlier and it contained both chicken and egg… I ddn’t know where to start”

3. It’s at this years most exciting venue, The Imperial, and the ticket get’s you cheap booze from the bar.

4. It’s a best of, so if you’ve ever been curious what my shows are like… this is the one to try

5. I cover none of the important issues of the day… none, and that’s a promise.

If you’ve not seen this RAW winning comedian before (and you should), this should be a good introduction for you.

Neil Sinclair’s Charmingly Useless will be on at The Imperial from Sept 29th at 8pm

Neil’s own website: