5 Good Reasons to see Dylan Cole in Safety First

Here are my 5 Good Reasons to see Safety First

1. It makes fun of the mediocre training instructors, seminars & courses seen frequently in everybody’s working life.

2. There is a tea break in the middle of the show – with Arnott’s Assorted Creams – that’s right, creams, not the cheap stuff.

3. You might learn something that could save your life.

4. Try and pick up all the subtle film references – 10 points & chocolate if you can name them all

5. You get a kick-arse certificate at the end, which is sure to impress any potential employee/suitor.


Sounds like a great show to take your office colleagues to, and you get a bickie!

Dylan Cole will be performing Safety First at The Tuxedo Cat – The Puffer Fish B at 7pm.