5 Good Reasons to see Wizard Sandwiches – The Last Lunch

5 Good Reasons to see Wizard Sandwiches brand new show The Last Lunch

1) We’ll return all the conclusions we tore out of the books you love to read.

2) We’ll be revealing the secret ingredient (it’s eggplant) of our special Moroccan dip.

3) It’s on a tram line and starts at 10.30pm – plenty of time to do other uninteresting things before hand.

4) It is endorsed by the guy from Silver K Gallery:


5) It’s a silly show with all new sketches and never before seen materiLOL

With their varying degrees of facial hair, these five diversely talented comedians are definitely the ones to watch.

Wizard Sandwiches  The Last Lunch is on at  Meeting Room, at the North Melbourne Town Hall from 20 – 27 September.