Inside the Egg – Sam Allen

By Elyce Phillips 

If you were around in the ‘90s, you’ll be familiar with the work of Anne Geddes. Her sickly sweet snaps of bubs dressed as buds were inescapable. But whatever became of those adorable little sprouts? ‘Inside the Egg’ tells the stories some of these now-grown-up baby models, as they try and process their horrific experiences in Ms Geddes’ studio. What unfolds is a bizarre tale that’s part legal drama, part therapy session and all hilarious.

The mood is set as soon as you take your seat at The Wild Pony at the Tuxedo Cat. On a screen, a slideshow of Anne Geddes photographs plays with a soundtrack that is best described as ‘menacing Deep Forest.’ A giant prop egg sits on the stage, waiting. It all works to create a mildly unhinged atmosphere – which is perfect for the cavalcade of the maladjusted that Sam Allen brings to life.

Allen’s performance is truly memorable. He displays incredible versatility in the characters he portrays, leaping from a smarmy lawyer to a grandfather with a gambling problem to a man-child Shakespearian actor with ease. Although we only spend a short amount of time with many of the characters, they feel well-rounded. Allen’s performances are over-the-top and absurd, yet entirely believable – it’s a beautiful thing.

The main story thread is supported by installments of a mocked-up episode of ‘Four Corners’ about the parents of one of the Geddes babies, following their journey as they try to cash in. The show’s co-creator, Chris Harrigan, features in these pieces, playing a wonderfully dreary dad.

‘Inside the Egg’ is inventive and superbly performed. This show is one to see for those who like their comedy absurd and their pop-culture references ‘90s.

Inside the Egg is on at The Wild Pony at the Tuxedo Cat until September 24.