5 Good Reasons to see The Technology Show by Squid Stamp:

1. It’s a family-friendly, educational AND hysterical sketch show about the way we use technology, depend on it, rely on it, and might even be addicted to it! And it gives parents something to do with the kids during those nasty school holidays!

2. It’s written and performed by Squid Stamp! SQUIDS! Yummmm … calamari. www.squidstamp.com

3. It’s a on at La Mama theatre (Drummond Street, Carlton) which is right near Brunetti’s – so mums can drop off their kids to see the show and then go and shoot up some caffeine for an hour. (Disclaimer: kids under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times. Squid Stamp does not support recreational drug use).

4. The show opens on Grand Final day at 2pm so it’s perfect for people who don’t like AFL or if your mum or dad gets a bit crazy and shouts at the TV whilst throwing Four N’ Twenty pies and singing Up There Cazaly, the kids can get out of the house and be in a super fun (and safe) environment.

5. Three actors play over 50 different characters, use cool props like an old-school Palm Pilot, have a sketch where they speak completely in MSN lingo, perform about 3 Dream Ballet sequences, and there is a tribute to the First Wives Club!

Squid Stamp: The Technology Show
Sep 28 – Oct 6 2013
La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street Carlton
2:00pm – 1 hour