5 Good Reasons to see The Late Night Board Game Slumber Party

1. It’s a show about my love of board games and playing board games with friends. I’ve played a heap of them over the years, and have managed to find the most interesting, unique, and fun games and will bring them to the stage for some great gameplay.

2. Cool kids can’t stay away from a Slumber Party. Each edition has four special guests – comedians, musicians, artists and more competing for your love – but more importantly to say they are the Slumber Party Board Game Champion!

3. But those guests aren’t just playing for themselves – they could be playing for YOU! Each of the guests is playing for a member of the audience, with the winning audience member getting a board game of their own to take home.

4. The show is the perfect night-cap for a Friday night at the Fringe. Spend some time at the Imperial seeing Neil Sinclair, Victoria Healy, or Simon Taylor; then finish the night off with a Slumber Party!

5. It’s free. Board games, awesome guests, the chance to win a prize, and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Get your friends together and make a night of it.

The Late Night Board Game Slumber Party with Mike Brown and Friends is on Friday September 27 and Friday September 4, 11pm at the Imperial Hotel.