5 Good Reasons To See Love, Factually with Tom Lang

1. Once you find out the weird crap snails get up to, you’ll never look at a snail the same way again. Tired of looking at snails the same way? We’ll fix that!

2. Will help you understand the opposite sex. And your own sex. Or if you’re one of those animals with more than one sex, those too.

3. At least three holy shit really moments. We’re so confident that you’ll be amazed by at least three things you hear in this show, that we won’t even offer you your money back, because nobody would need to take that offer up! That’s how confident we are.

4. Will make you a brilliant dinner party conversationalist. You’re sitting around a dinner table in silence. Everyone’s uncomfortable. You pipe up “hey, did you guys know owls don’t have penises?” Smash cut to the party going AWESOMELY and it’s all thanks to you. Good work.

5. Sounds a bit like love actually. So if you say it really fast you can bring a date, because they’ll think it’s some kind of lame romantic comedy instead of a searingly insightful hilarity-fest.

Love, Factually is on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at The Imperial