5 Good Reasons to see Simon Chugg is Living the Dream

1. It will be the most entertaining hour of stand-up, storytelling and music about lucid dreaming, He-man, Timothy Leary and Vince Neil that you’ll see this festival. Guaranteed.


2. Simon Chugg has written, collaborated and performed with some of Australia’s best comedians and musicians including Michael Chamberlin, Charlie Clausen (TOFOP) and Tim Minchin.


3.  The show’s debut at 2013 Melbourne Fringe received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike; The Melbourne Observer stating “Chugg is one of the new breed of comedians that speak truth to power”.


4. Simon was a 2013 Raw comedy finalist.


5. Check out the trailers and make up your own mind.  Think for yourself. Question authority…



Simon Chugg is Living the Dream at Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets