5 Good Reasons to see That Sexy Show

1) Do you think Cosmo’s sex advice is socially irresponsible and dangerous? So do the (sane) humans of That Sexy Show! Go and watch Cosmo sex tips debunked right before your very (horrified) eyes! (This may or may not involve audience participation and often gets physical.)

2) They feature delicious pornstars and sexperts alongside some of Melbourne’s best tasting comedians! (Check Facebook for the linep – facebook.com/ThatSexyShow). Previous guests include Luke McGregor (Dirty Laundry Live, Nova FM, Time Of Our Lives), Catherine Deveny, Tom Ward (Please Like Me), Aeryn Walker (Game of Thrones) and this time round they’ll be joined by the likes of Fiona Patten – leader of the Australian Sex Party and pop-music comedy duo Die Roten Punkte.

3) You are guaranteed to learn something. Last time all in attendance became more knowledgeable about the pleasure (and seemingly lack of pleasure) derived from docking.*

*Docking; The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another’s penis.
Use it in a sentence? David and Patrick enjoyed docking immensely because of Patty’s stretchy foreskin.

4) The absolutely babin’ Geraldine Hickey (Triple M, The Librarians) is in it, joined by host and sex geek babe Sarah Jane and Adam Knox (Raw National Finalist) who are pretty good value too.

5) It’s central and on late, so you can fit it around anything else you’re seeing (The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Pl, 10:30pm-midnight every Thursday of the festival)

6) Cause you’re a kinky mother fucked (yay for you!) and you like watching awkward porn of a girl fucking a man in a panda suit just so that you can look at all the awkward looks on everyone else’s faces.
That Sexy Show is on Thursday nights at the very sexy Butterfly Club.