5 Good Reasons to see Beau Stegmann – Here’s Looking At Me

1. Let’s get this one out the way – It’s funny. You’re gonna have a good time. I have fun performing it and you’ll have fun watching it.

2. If you like, have seen or know of a movie you’ll like this and should go. If you don’t even know of a movie WHAT’S GOING ON MAN? But you should come anyway.

3. Maybe afterwards we talk and become good friends? Wouldn’t that be nice?

4. It’s a story about love and loss and I think everyone will relate to this. I love talking about the full spectrum of emotion and nothing encapsulate this better than love. (This was a serious one)

5. I talk about my adventures on TV and Radio and one time I bumped into Wayne Carey and it was weird.

Beau Stegmann – Here’s Looking At Me is on at Fort Delta in the Capitol Arcade