Rebecca De Unamuno : Kiss My Date

By Ellyse O’Halloran

Rebecca De Unamuno’s “Kiss My Date” is an insight into her fruitless pursuit to find love online. Her stage presence is strong and impressive, given the intimate setting upstairs at Trades Hall. The show is a refreshing mix of theatrics, impersonations and straight stand-up. Her content is amusing, from recounts of the types of men she has encountered online to random dance numbers.

At the beginning of the show I perceived De Unamuno as an exaggerated characterization. I enjoyed laughing at her desperation and her core belief that singlehood is turmoil. As she revealed raw and sometimes embarrassing encounters of her love life or lack thereof, she became more real. This added a moving tone to the performance. Her self-deprecation was charming but by the end of the show I wanted to pat her on the back and tell her that it was okay to be single.

The majority of the show was heavily scripted and although her performance was great, it was clear at all times that she was reciting a script. Having said that, the writing was fantastic. Ingenious similes and metaphors such as comparing the pursuit to find a formal date to a horse race are scattered through the show.

De Unamuno’s character work is one of the highlights of the show. Using her body and voice, she commits 100% to embodying different kinds of men, using all corners of the small stage to enhance the dynamics.

The moment where De Unamuno most shines is when she reaches out to the audience and improvises a scene off their conversation. This is where her quick-wit and creativity really becomes apparent. In mere seconds, she is able to embody a fully-fledged new character before the audience’s eyes.

De Unamuno concluded the show with a woeful anecdote and I left feeling sorry for her, although the show in its entirety was entertaining and diverse

Kiss My Date is on at Trades Hall – The Evatt Room until April 20