5 Good Reasons to see The Robot That Kept Killing Me & Other Stories That Will Make Your Mind Shit It’s Pants

5. Ain’t nothin’ else like it in the entire festival. This show is like a Voltron made of sketch-comedy, one-liners, musical comedy, character-driven comedy, and nerdy references like “Voltron”.

4. This year the Comedy Festival has a whole #NoDadJokes policy going on. Meanwhile, my show has a rock-opera about the freakin’ King of the Dads. Ya wanna pay to see some censored art, or ya wanna hang over here with us? The rebels. The Banksies. The cool kids who are singing rock songs about Dads.

3. I’m not too proud to mention how Squirrel Comedy really seemed to like our show last year (https://www.squirrelcomedy.com/?p=3991). Or rather, I’m just proud enough to mention that, ‘cause I though the review was lovely and it went to my head. T’was even listed it in one of their Top 5 shows for the entire festival. So, gentle reader, unless you have a working time machine, the smart money is on our new show! Hell, even with a working machine, the smart money is on our new show because messing with the space-time continuum can only end in tears.

2. This production has got some pretty grand storytelling (and not about real life bullshit, but about robots and gods and stuff)! I’m pretty good at story structure. Example; these “5 Good Reasons” lists normally go from 1 – 5; but this one is 5 -1, because I’m a master of suspenseful countdowns. Now, if that’s the kind of mind-blowing innovativeness I can do with a short list, imagine what I can do live with a band and an audience…

1. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll be on this earth for very much longer… but it would fill my heart with joy if everyone were to come and see this show before I became an astronaut. Oh, also, it would be nice to pay the band.

The Robot That Kept Killing Me & Other Stories That Will Make Your Mind Shit Its Pants is on at Northcote Town Hall