5 Good reasons to see Bart Freebairn – Double Happiness

Reason 1 

Bart has unearthed serveral ancient secrets of time travel and clothing alteration. Seeing his show will give you hints as to what they are and were he has hidden them ( They are in a secret pocket of his fancy time travel pants!)

Reason 2

Barack Obama regularly listens to Bart and follows his advice. Now I know what you are thinking. Obama has made a mess Bart is no good at advice. Before you storm off consider that Bart’s advice has stopped heaps of wars and disasters and bad stuff all over the place from happening. He only weighs in on the serious business. Not that silly everyday stuff. COME TO HIS SHOW AND LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE! IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE WHOLE WORLD

Reason 3 

The show is called Double Happiness for a reason. It is a great feeling and you deserve to experience it.

Reason 4 

If would like to learn ways to enjoy icecream more. There are a handful of great tips and angles in which you can increase and lengthen your pleasure. That is what all those LAST LONGER billboards are about. Bart’s show and Icecream. What?! You thought it was about sex? You sick fuck.

Reason 5

Bart is a great comedian who will make you laugh for an hour.

Bart Freebairn – Double Happiness is on at the Imperial Hotel