Birthday Girls – Party Vibes

By Ron Bingham

The Birthday Girls started out in five-member sketch troupe Lady Garden a few years ago, but time has whittled them down to the last three degenerate comedians peddling their mad sketches on an unsuspecting public. I first have to confess that I love them, as their minds are warped on a wavelength similar to mine. This year they are performing as part of the Free Fringe, at a venue which is still under construction (no toilets, door handles, air conditioning scaffolding and workmen everywhere) in sight of The Castle at a time when the Tattoo ends (thus fireworks and cannons about half-way through the show).

Party Vibes is basically a series of unrelated sketches with a few running gags, some dance numbers, a little audience participation and a coffee break. The room was full, with a number of people standing, but there are two huge pillars in the middle of the room, so fight your way to the front of the crowd and choose your seating carefully. There is also a small bar just outside the door but, remember, no toilets.

I won’t say too much about the sketches (although the parody of the Great British Bake Off was so terrifically tasteless!) but most of them got good laughs from the audience and on top of that there is always the dance numbers and corpsing to keep punters entertained. The donation bucket at the end of the show was filling nicely, which is always a good indication of how the audience felt. It’s on at 10pm, but get there early as it fills up quickly. Lots of swearing and some “adult” concepts from three ladies who take nothing seriously but give their all to entertain the punters. No message in this show, apart from just have some fun at their playful party.

Birthday Girls are performing Party vibes at Cowgate  for Tickets and more information go to the Edinburgh Fringe Website: