Rachel Parris: Live in Vegas

By Ron Bingham

Rachel Parris: Live in Vegas takes place in the Attic at the Pleasance Courtyard. This is a smallish room up three flights of stairs that has no discernable ventilation. It will get hot. Bring water and something to fan yourself with. For some reason, the staff refused my (sensible) request to employ some local youngsters to be stationed around the room waving palm fronds.That’s my public service warning out of the way.

The show itself is a very entertaining one-woman / multi-character cabaret show. Rachel starts by explaining how she has been trapped working on the Vegas stage due to a small gambling problem, before giving us a full Vegas style stage show with three other entertainers. the first artiste we meet is Crispin Prentice, a Britpop star from the upper side of the tracks. He sings a couple of songs about the difficulties faced by those born with a little (too much) money.

He is followed by the glamorous country star Gracie-Lou Steinberg, who sings some lovely country and western songs, but definitely not on themes that would get them onto Nashville radio.

The finale, and star of the show, is Felice. I’ve never seen so many gold sequins on a dress; she looked like a moving disco ball. Felice sings about the most important person in the world, herself. I was privileged to be allowed to touch (fleetingly) her hand.

The acts are separated by some sponsored advertising (very clever way of filling in while Rachel changes costumes). Rachel’s songs are well written, amusing and, apart from the heat, this would be one of my top recommendations so far. A show for those who want to go to see one of those glittering star-studded shows in Vegas but who don’t have the time or money.

Rachel Parris is performing Live in Vegas at Pleasance Courtyard.
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